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EKA invites everyone to its Open Doors Day on 1 March!

On 1 March, the Estonian Academy of Arts is having its Open Doors Day, which will provide guests with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the specialities taught at EKA and meet the people involved. Everyone is welcome.

The Open Doors Day starts at 10:30 with an opening address by Rector Mart Kalm in the lobby of the Estonia pst. 7 academic building. Throughout the day, introductions to specialities, open lectures, workshops and visits to classrooms and studios will take place.

The highlight of the day will be the 17:00 excursion to the new EKA academic building in Kalamaja on the corner of Kotzebue and Põhja puiestee. Students who enrol this year will start their studies there. The final event of the Open Doors Day will start at 18:00 – an informal gathering in the studio of the Department of Interior Design organised by the EKA Student Council.

The headquarters and information centre of the EKA Open Doors Day are situated at the Estonia pst. 7 building with the musical backdrop provided by Radio EKA or REKA!

See the full programme and sign up here

The Estonian Academy of Arts commemorated the contribution of its members during the War of Independence

Oliver Orro’s lecture “Salvation Committee’s clandestine operations at EKA”

At a public ceremony, EKA lecturer and researcher Oliver Orro made a presentation titled “Salvation Committee’s clandestine operations at EKA”. The Estonian Academy of Arts played an important role in the establishment of the Republic of Estonia. At this decisive moment in history, in an apartment on the territory of Tallinn School of Arts and Crafts, as EKA was then called, the clandestine operations of the Estonian Salvation Committee of Konstantin Päts (brother of the school’s first director Voldemar Päts), Jüri Vilms and Konstantin Konik forged plans to create an independent republic. Later, during the Soviet period, ERKI (State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR) was a bastion of free thought with its alumni, students and teaching staff members, including Heinz Valk, Enn Põldroos, Leonhard Lapin, Ignar Fjuk and many others, leading the movement to restore independence and campaigning to reinstate the republic through their words, art and ideas.

“We are proud of the contribution of the Estonian Academy of Arts and we want to thank our members and give them recognition for it. On the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, we will dedicate our new academic building to our country where we will carry on the power of free thought, and foster and develop Estonian culture,” said Rector and academician Mart Kalm.

Abakhan Creative Award given to fashion designer Mariliis Niine

The exhibition of the Abakhan Creative Award nominees is on view in the EKA Lobby Gallery until 28 February. Photo: Evert Palmets

The Abakhan Creative Award took place for the first time this February and was awarded to EKA student and young fashion designer Mariliis Niine. According to jury member Tanel Veenre, Niine has a playful, dynamic, innovative and lively method for working with form and facture. Kristiina Puz and Katrin Aasmaa were also nominated for the award.

More info and images available here

EKA Department of Product Design to start cooperation with the Cleveron technology company

Cleveron, one of the most successful development and production companies based on Estonian capital, plans to launch its drone delivery system this year. In collaboration with Cleveron, third year product design students from EKA are looking for design solutions for drone modules that are compatible with Cleveron parcel terminals to create a fully automated delivery system that doesn’t require any manpower to operate.

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Spellbound chosen among the projects with the most potential in the WORTH Partnership Project programme

Together with 26 other projects, Spellbound was recently chosen out of 111 projects to be included in the WORTH Partnership Project programme and given a grant to reach for new heights. For this project, Spellbound will bring together Kristi Kuusk (Associate Professor at the EKA department of Textile Design) with her research in sustainable smart textile, Dutch illustrator Kerstin Zabransky and the Pärnu production company Pambu OÜ.

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Krista Kodres included in the AcademiaNet trans-European network of leading female researchers

Starting from 22 February 2018, 16 leading female researchers from Estonia are included in the AcademiaNet online portal. Among them is EKA Professor Krista Kodres, Head of Doctoral School and Head of Curriculum of the art history doctoral programme. AcademiaNet is a trans-European database and network that brings together excellent female researchers and offers them additional opportunities for international visibility and cooperation.

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Avatud seminar: kriitiline disain

The EKA Interactive Design programme presents a seminar titled “Critical Design” led by Michael A. Fowler from Emily Carr University. After the seminar, within the framework of the EKA Open Doors Day, the teaching staff members will introduce the Interactive Design programme and give a Q&A session. The event will be held in English.

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Morning Coffee: Destination Palestine

On 1 March at 9:00, the tradition of morning coffees will continue at the EKA Department of Interior Architecture at Nunne 16. Head of Department Hannes Praks and students Marie-Elise Chhabra and Heleri Koltšin will share their experiences of the University of Birzeit in Palestine. They will talk about their projects, what it was like to study at the University of Birzeit and how it compares to other schools.

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I Spy With My Little Eye 2 at EKA Gallery

A joint exhibition titled I Spy With My Little Eye 2 of works by EKA glass art master’s students and the Austrian collective SUPRA//STRUKTUR is on view at EKA Gallery.

Participating artists: Maarja Mäemets, Mari-Liis Makus, Annika Mätlik, Sigrid Luitsalu, Kateriin Rikken, and SUPRA// STRUKTUR: Marlene Lahmer, Oliver Alunovic, István Antal.

The exhibition will remain on view until 17 March.

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Urmas Lüüs’s exhibition The Measure of Man at HOP Gallery

On Thursday 1 March at 18:00, artist and EKA teaching staff member Urmas Lüüs will open his personal exhibition The Measure of Man at HOP Gallery at Hobusepea 2, Tallinn.

The exhibition will be an installation that will constantly change throughout its three-week run. At the opening, a process will be started that will culminate with a clay and iron sculpture regaining its original material form. Humans die and rot, and likewise, chemical processes will devour the cultural meaning superimposed on the material by the artist. It’s an ode to the supremacy of physical materiality.

The exhibition will remain on view until 20 March.

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System & Error, an exhibition by EKA and Aalto University students at EKKM

The exhibition curated by Francisco Martínez is a collaboration of fine arts master’s students from both schools. Artist collaborators:

  • Madis Kurss and Martha Jessen
  • Mirka Sulander and Elina Saat
  • Hanna Perälä and Heleliis Hõim
  • Sandra Schneider, Anu Jalas and Kadi Reintamm
  • Uzair Amjad, Aman Askarizad and Aap Jaapan
  • Ana Fernandes and Mark Antonious Puhkan
  • Solveig Lill and Tuomas Lehtomaa
  • Elham Rahmati, Danai Anagnostou and Heidi Paju

The exhibition will remain on view until 4 March.

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On-going exhibitions:

Leonhard Lapin’s solo show Void and Space at Kumu Art Museum

Leonhard Lapin. Kalev’s Return. 1987. Oil. Art Museum of Estonia

The Void and Space personal exhibition by EKA Professor Emeritus Leonhard Lapin (1947) is open at Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition continues the Estonian art classics series, the earlier editions of which have presented works by Tõnis Vint, Raul Meel, Jüri Okas and Andres Tolts.

The exhibition will remain on view until 13 May.

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Karl-Erik Talvet’s exhibition Bursts of Colour at Estonian War Museum

The Bursts of Colour exhibition by Karl-Erik Talvet, a master’s student at the EKA Chair of Painting, is currently on view at the Estonian War Museum. The painting exhibition is dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the re-establishment of the Estonian Defence League and it will end with an auction, half the proceeds of which will be donated to the Estonian Association of Injured Soldiers.

The exhibition will remain on view until 28 March.

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Paco Ulman’s Wasteland at the Museum of Estonian Architecture

Photo by Paco Ulman

What is the deeper sense of being in a wasteland, and what are people seeking there? What are they attempting to compensate within themselves in such an environment? What does wasteland – a typical interim space in an urban environment – have in excess and what does it lack, such that people are drawn to it time and again? Paco Ulman, EKA teaching staff member, artist and architect, attempts to find answers to these questions with his Wasteland exhibition.

The exhibition will remain on view until 25 March 2018.

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Eve Kask’s solo show 2+2=... at Tartu Art Museum

The 2+2=... exhibition by Eve Kask, Associate Professor at the EKA Chair of Graphic Art, is open on the ground floor of Tartu Art Museum. The exhibition presents the artist’s most outstanding works of recent years and, being located on the border between truth and fiction, is related primarily to the phenomenon of post-truthfulness.

The exhibition will remain on view until 13 May.

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-30°C / reindeers / a Christmas man / an introverted Finn – EKA members at a Cirrus workshop at the University of Lapland

How will smart technology react at -30°C? Why have Finns stopped using the kicksled, which is also called a ‘Finnish sledge’ in Estonian though it originates from Sweden? How can you help an introverted Finn break the ice with strangers? Answers to these and many more questions were sought by students at the international Cirrus workshop titled “Nature, Design and Innovation” at the University of Lapland on 5–9 February. The workshop was held in collaboration between the Estonian Academy of Arts, Iceland Academy of the Arts and University of Lapland.

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EKA members

Election for the new EKA Student Council has started

What is the Student Council and why should I run as a candidate?

  • The EKA Student Council is a student representative body consisting of seven members that are elected by EKA students.
  • The Student Council organises important school events, such as parties, fairs, etc. In addition, the council members represent other students in various bodies where they have the opportunity to express their opinions regarding issues related to academic work.
  • The Student Council is given free rein in carrying out its ideas and a pretty lofty budget to use as it deems appropriate.
  • A scholarship is provided as motivation.
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Apply to become a member of the teaching staff at EKA! Submission deadline is 1 March

Faculty of Architecture

Lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Urban Design (0.25)


Faculty of Design

Professor, Head of Department and Head of Curriculum at the Department of Textile Design (1.0)

Associate Professor at the Department of Fashion Design, in the field of experimental fashion (0.5)

Associate Professor at the Department of Fashion Design (0.5)

Associate Professor, Head of Department, Head of Curriculum at the Department of Leather Art (1.0)

Associate Professor at the Department of Graphic Design (0.5)


Faculty of Art and Culture

Associate Professor at the Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation, in the field of history, theory and practice of cultural heritage protection (1.0)

Lecturer at the Department of Art Education, in the field of artwork analysis and gallery pedagogy (0.5)

Lecturer at the Department of Art Education, in the field of didactics and pedagogical practice in art education (0.5)


Faculty of Fine Arts

Associate Professor, Head of Department at the Chair of Drawing (0.75)

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