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I got an ASTONISHING response to last month's question, asking you what the last thing is that you bought on Amazon or ebay - it made very entertaining reading too :-) I'll tell you why I asked that question wherever you find the picture of the cute cat below. Otherwise, read on for the latest author news, not one, but two TV tips and another of my OTT book promo videos ...

Look, I'm at a posh writing event!

I had a lot of fun speaking at an author event in Newcastle earlier this month, it was great to rub shoulders with some BIG name writers. Here I am pictured on stage with crime writer LJ Ross and action/adventure author David Leadbeater. Notice the big name tag I had around my neck? That's just in case I forgot who I was :-)

Here's another one of those irresistible cute animal pictures to get your attention. Thank you if you responded to last month's unusual question, I thought I'd better tell you why I asked it. The reason is, we have been considering setting up an Amazon store to sell physical products and we were trying to get an idea what kind of things people are buying. I don't think any two people who responded had bought the same items ... and there were some VERY interesting purchases in there :-)

Here's today's first Teague TV Tip! If, like me, you've followed The Walking Dead since series 1, you may also be flagging a bit by now. I think that most viewers agree that it's a great series which has seriously gone off the boil. However, if you love your zombies and you wish that they'd tighten up the scripts on TWD, why not take Fear The Walking Dead for a spin? It has lots of zombies and a great cast and they're not at all scared to kill off main characters. It's far superior to TWD and a recommended TV watch.

OTT Productions Present ...

A lot of you enjoyed the melodramatic drama of my Secret Bunker video last month, so I thought I'd also share the promo that I made for The Grid Trilogy. Watch out! There's a gruesome bit at the end :-)

It looks like a car boot full of rubbish because IT IS a car boot full of rubbish. I spent the weekend helping my son to clear out his room at university and get it packed in the car to take home. That's the kids home for summer now, which means I have to be extra crafty about finding my writing time to get my current book, So Many Lies finished. The next question is, where will we put all that stuff ..?

I have to share this second viewing tip from my weekend TV watching as this was an unexpected hit for me. It's a Norweigan/subtitled film called The Wave. Did you know that massive bits of mountain breaking off into fijords can create tsunamis capable of wiping out whole towns? Neither did I! This film is excellent and I learned lots about how Norway deals with this kind of problem too.

New Covers!

Here are the brand new covers for my Don't Tell Meg trilogy. These will be added to the books over the next couple of weeks - hope you like them!

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