OR coffee time?! let's do it!

it's about time we gathered and met one another, don't you think?! well, or at least we start figuring out how to do that! i thought i'd just start super duper easy and aim for anyone in the area. and then see where that led. i picked a panera right near me. that way, if no one showed up, i would happily cozy in with a book and some tea and be content no matter what. if one or two came, we'd cozy in together. if more gathered, we'd get another table. and just kinda take it as it went. i figure there's food, drink, bathrooms. i can't really go wrong! so come if you can, or just send me some positive thoughts if you can't. i'll take either! details are posted below! would love to see you there! let's do this!

two brand new prints are here!

with a definite blue moon theme! perhaps a set?!

i am learning
kai's blessing II

coffee break details...

if people are interested in these, we'll do them here and there, so no worries if you can't make this one!
panera in waldorf, maryland.
saturday october 12th - 2:00

i'll have name tags there to help us all out!
 i will put something on my table to let you know it's me!

i am SUPER shy which is why i have never done this before. but it's time, ya know? this is not restricted to women only! if you're a guy and want to come on out and be part of it all, you are more than welcome! i may even be able to talk some of my guys into being there? all are welcome. 

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