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Tuesday is quickly becoming our favorite day of the week, as it means another edition of This Week in Blogging if shot off to inboxes.

A large part of that Tuesday glee is a result of the continued positive feedback we're getting. Thanks so much for that. If this newsletter is an engine, our fuel is surely your kind words and commentary. 

Alright, enough of the niceties - we've got a lot of news lined up this week, so start scrolling to check it out.

Pinterest Search Habits are Changing

Transparency and social networks generally do not go hand-in-hand, but we have to give credit where credit is due when it comes to Pinterest. 

This network is very clear in helping its creators succeed, and this past week they published new search trend data which showed changing user intent due to the virus shutdown.

It is always good to have a reminder that Pinterest is more search engine than social network.

This bit of news led to a lightbulb moment where it occured to us that this would be an ideal opportunity to source some actionable Pinterest advice for our TWIB supporters.

That's when we tapped longtime blogger and Pinterest guru Stephanie Mayo on the shoulder to drop some knowledge. 

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What should all bloggers know about Pinterest? 

"Pinterest is 100% beneficial to all bloggers, whatever your niche!

Pinterest is much like Google, it’s a search engine. And sometimes that gets new bloggers confused. They think of it as another social media tool to share their content. But Pinterest goes beyond just sharing your content.

I always say there are two things that a blogger needs to know to help drive the most traffic to their site, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Pinterest. Both have the potential to drive mass amounts of traffic to your blog. 

But Pinterest is a great place to start for new bloggers who don’t have the domain authority to rank high on Google. If you work Pinterest right, even if you can’t rank for a keyword on Google, like 'Things to do in Rome,' you can get traffic from Pinterest."

- Stephanie Mayo, Blogger at The World as I See It and Pinterest VA

We'd encourage you to check out the full interview with Stephanie on our website, which is filled with advice on Pinterest best practices for bloggers and more. 

Don't Miss This Week's News Roundup

  • Google announced that they are merging Google Chat, Rooms, and Meet into Gmail later this year. This rollout seems to be coming only to G Suite users later in the year.
  • Google is also apparently delaying its mobile-first indexing to March 2021. If you're not optimized for mobile yet, don't dawdle.
  • Search Engine Roundtable is reporting a new Google feature on mobile to offer search refinement ideas if you scroll back up after reviewing results.
  • YouTube is now offering channel-wide RPM data for those earning money via advertising.
  • Facebook is launching a new investigation team to look into algorithmic biases against minorities and people of color.
  • TikTok is starting a $200MM creators fund for US content creators and applications will be opening soon.
  • With Q2 over, many public companies are releasing their earnings reports in the coming days. Twitter announced a drop in earnings despite large user growth.
  • And in a bit of light-hearted news, we completely missed World Emoji Day (that's a thing) and services announced a ton of emojis coming out!

Up Your Pinterest Game with Tailwind

We've spoken a lot about time management in previous editions of TWIB, and it was no coincidence that we selected Tailwind* to be our contest coinciding with those editions (congrats to our winner, by the way who we've now contacted!).

To put it simply, Tailwind is a wonderful 3rd party Pinterest scheduling service that lets you allocate pins in specific time slots, engage in interval pinning to not overwhelm your boards, and so much more.

We thought it'd be appropriate to share some of our favorite aspects of the service and share our thoughts in a full review at the link below!

Click Here to Read Our Tailwind Review

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We'd love to hear about what you did and your lessons learned. If it is a great learning experience (or, let's be honest, possibly just plain funny), we may share it in a future newsletter, or give you a chance to write an article on our site about it!

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-Chris and Jeremy

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