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June 2022

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Happy Summer!

There's a lot happening this season! A short story collection released in paperback (the ebook will be an exclusive Patreon patron perk probably in August!), the hardcover release of Blood of the Queen, and a contemporary Playing to Win series novella are all coming to you or already here!!

Of Gods and Jotuns

Only available in paperback, this collection includes two stories that are digitally exclusive to Patreon, and a goodly number of others that have been scattered across the internet as single titles, buried on my blog, or lost in the archives of other publications.

As the image above says, OF GODS AND JOTUNS collects:
Favor of God
The Foundation of Rome
Imaginary Friends
Frost Bitten, Twice Shy
A Norse Lullaby
I Am Europa
The Rule of Fate
Ned Thrall

A little mythic retelling/historical fantasy, a little contemporary fantasy, and a little bit sci fi--there's something for everyone!

You can grab it from Bookshop.org or Amazon, and it SHOULD be available to order from your preferred local booksellers as well, by now.

Of Gods and Jotuns on Amazon
Of Gods and Jotuns on Bookshop

Blood of the Queen is available in Hardcover!!

It's a year late, I know, but it's here!! Finally!! Your matching Orc Saga hardcover edition of Blood of the Queen is live at last, and currently Amazon exclusive.

The time is almost here to switch over the kindle covers to these new designs, also, but it gives me SUCH ANXIETY to contemplate. The paperback designs will remain the original Melissa Stevens art, and you'll have a matching paperback cover for book three, too, when we get there, don't worry!

I am going to be testing out the hardcover options available via the B&N/nook press at some point, when I do my limited edition COST OF LIVING print run (which will be available to patreon patrons and directly through me only, with a limit of no more than 50 copies printed), but I don't seem to have a lot of sales outside the Amazon ecosystem of any title, even where they're available in wide release, so I'm not sure if the return on the time investment is there to support it. That may change, though, and I'll let you know when/if it does.

Grab Blood of the Queen in hardcover!

New Playing to Win Titles Coming Soon!

Not one, but TWO mini cover reveals! Because while there's a new Playing to Win novella coming to you in just a month (available to pre-order for the reduced price of $1.99--which will increase to $2.99 on release!), I'm also THRILLED to announce that Winter Games: A Playing to Win Holiday Special is coming out this fall as well!! (I promise a bigger feature closer to release!)

You'll want to have read the first three books in the series before you dive into the holiday special which brings all three couples together for the yuletide season, so it's a great time to start reading!!

PLAYING TO WIN: https://books2read.com/u/47QDog 

PLAYING IT SAFE: https://books2read.com/u/b6MEeA

PLAYING HOUSE: https://books2read.com/u/bzZRZ2

If you're a paperback reader--books one and three are still EXTREMELY DEEPLY DISCOUNTED on Amazon--PLAYING HOUSE is just $4.71 as of this mailing! So definitely take advantage of a really phenomenal deal, there!!

Pre-Order Settling Up

Settling Up

The last thing Nic wants is to come between Will and his friends, which means there's one last challenge before she can fully claim her happily ever after: Kate.

While she was living in Ohio, they could all avoid whatever awkwardness might linger from Nic and Sully's brief fling over a year ago and the friendship that followed, but now that Kate's moving to Heron Lake to work for Will at Fowler's, Nic is determined to clear the air between them.  

But there are more tensions between Sully, Kate, and Will than just Nic's own insertion into their long-established dynamic, and Kate has her own insecurities to face, now that she's back among her friends.

Taking place just a few months before the epilogue of Playing it SafeSettling Up navigates the start of a new friendship between Nic and Kate, and revisits the relationships of both Will & Nic and Kate & Sully.


Patreon Patrons at the ThorsBFF $5 tier or higher will get early access to this title July 7th, via a downloadable epub file! Everyone else will have to wait until July 28th! So come on over to Patreon and enjoy the perks!

Playing to Win is FREE for kindle, image reads: When dating is a lottery, you have to play to win. But who will triumph? Kate, who believes personality trumps all, or Sully, who trusts only in pure chemistry? Find out in PLAYING TO WIN --Free July 15 & 16, only on Amazon.

COST OF LIVING: A Patreon Exclusive Serial

COST OF LIVING--a billionaire romance with a dash of suspense, medical drama, and a touch of reincarnation--is now a COMPLETED serial exclusively for my Patreon patrons. For a dollar a month you can read it chapter by chapter on Patreon, or at the $5 level, you can now grab ALL SIX downloadable ebook volumes to sideload to your ereader and enjoy at your leisure!

There's a lot of other content available to Patrons, too. Including sneak peeks at OTHER works you might be anticipating (Orc3 anyone?) and digitally exclusive to Patreon short stories, even the entirety of SON OF ZEUS is in the archives, so consider checking it out regardless!

You can learn more about COST OF LIVING on the public Patreon post I shared in October--and Chapters 1 and 2 are available to read as teasers right now!

Read the first two chapters of COST OF LIVING on Patreon


After Adam fell, God made Eve to protect the world.

From the Garden of Eden to the present day, Eve, Elohim's daughter, has found more than one great love across her many lives. Her calling: to be an example of love to those around her, in order to counter the influence of her brother Adam, and his conceit, greed, and pride. When Adam arrives in Eve's present, he is desperate to claim the power of a godchild only she can give him. But the Archangel Michael has sworn it will mean not only Eve’s death, but the murder of her entire family, her House of Lions, the only people she trusts with the truth of her life.

Thor, God of thunder, has spent millennia in uneasy alliance with other gods and immortals, all vying for the devotion of humanity to keep themselves alive. But if Adam and Eve have a child, the True God will rise, and all other gods will be cast back out into the void to die.

Drawn to Eve’s love but forbidden to reveal himself as a god, one thing has become clear to Thor: as great a threat as her child might be, humanity cannot survive without her. And after one too-short lifetime as her husband, nearly three thousand years ago, he won't allow either the angels or the gods to harm her, even if it means betraying his own kind.

Fans of the mythic world-building and romance of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart alongside the drama of ageless history-spanning relationships of Marvel's The Eternals will want to dive into this series!

Grab your copy FREE from Nook, Kobo, Apple, Scribd, or Kindle!

Did You Know:

Settling Up took me ENTIRELY by surprise. I was just minding my own business trying to finish Winter Games, and then Sully said this:

It said a lot about both of them that they’d never let it get weird—the fact that Sully had been hooking up with Nic before he and Kate finally got it together. They’d gone out to the bar together one night, the summer Kate had started working at Fowler’s, and come back drunk, declared themselves best friends, and that had been the end of it.

My brain wouldn’t let go of it. I HAD TO KNOW what had happened that night between Kate and Nic, and how they settled things between themselves. Because it must be at least a little weird to suddenly find yourself socially engaging with the most recent ex-person of the guy you’re marrying, and while Nic and Sully had hashed things out openly in Playing to Win, Kate hadn’t really shared a page with Nic post break-up pie in either Playing to Win or Playing it Safe—it isn’t until the epilogue that we see Nic and Kate together, and even then, it's still as part of a group.

And so, this novella was born. All 26,000 words of it pouring out my fingers in less than two weeks. I was actually a little surprised to realize there was so much meat here—not necessarily in external conflict, but definitely there is a not insignificant amount of tension inside of both these relationships as each of these pairings figure out how to handle the practicalities and complications of their happily ever afters. I liked seeing them ultimately continue to make these choices—to choose not just one another, but also to support others. Friendships are just as richly complex as romances, and for many of us, even more foundationally important to our lives—and I think that’s something both Settling Up and Winter Games get right, even if it means they break a little bit from the conventions of my genre.

I hope you'll enjoy both these stories--Settling Up and Winter Games--as much as I loved writing them.

But uh, just to give you fair warning: Kate and Sully did back me into the spanking corner again. Honestly, I just can't take the two of them anywhere.

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