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"People need to get to know you in person, you're very impressive." - News editor, Buzzfeed

Hi , I hope you're really well and have been soaking up that vitamin D ☀️

It's very rare as we get older to hear praise that makes you truly blush☺️. We're more likely to hear 'constructive feedback' these days rather than pure, no strings attached complements and I for one, really do appreciate it. I was having dinner recently with an acquaintance, she knows me from my days in Travel PR and has been following my coaching journey. She was fascinated by everything I'm doing and is definitely one of my cheerleaders. After dinner, as we were getting on our trains, she just stopped in the middle of Regent Street, held my hand and said, "People need to get to know you in person, you're very impressive."

Talk about making me blush. I was gob-smacked and also now feeling a lot of pressure to be impressive every time I see her lol🤣 but the truth is, I was surprised to hear those words, I had no idea the impact my work or my conversations were having on her and it really made me feel proud of what I'm doing and gave me a new zeal of life for the business. It gets lonely up in here on your own, bouncing ideas with yourself and any virtual connections you make. This newsletter is my favourite marketing channel because I get to make real connections with real people. Even if you're not ready to take up coaching yet, just reading my emails, sending me messages and clicking my links lets me know that what I'm sharing is having an impact on someone, somewhere, at some point. Her comment however, made me think of how I could do just that. Not to be egotistical about it but to actually create something that both you will benefit from and I will enjoy putting together. 

So here we are... The Frank Truth Podcast!

I'm launching it soon and I would love it if YOU would tell me what you'd like to hear about. It's going to be a mix of me on my own talking about the topics you send me with some mentoring and coaching support/tips/tricks and questions - kind of like a talk radio show but without you on the show (unless you want to be).😉

The other type of show I will do are interviews with people who have experienced an impactful life event. I'll be talking to them about how they managed their work-life balance, their mental health and their goals during this time. 

My goal is to make The Frank Truth Podcast fun, informative and a helpful resource for whoever needs it. 

So far I've enjoyed playing around with the set up and I'm looking forward to interviewing my first guest Mel, who had a life-threatening operation which included the removal of a vital (and I mean super vital) organ which led her to create a sort of 'bucket list' (she's in her late 30's)😲, change her outlook on life and take a sabbatical to Bali - which initially was only for a few months and she stayed for a whole year! Bali was not unfortunately all parties on the beach and riding through rice fields whilst perfecting yoga poses and seeing how many meditation necklaces would fit at one time...

This is going to be a great first interview and I really hope you'll join us! Details coming soon...

In the meantime, please have a listen to a 3 minute 'sample' of how The Frank Truth Podcast may sound which includes my why for doing this. I hope this podcast encourages more open conversations about how we live our lives, that it inspires us all to put ourselves first and always live with purpose.

Lots of love

Puja x

P.S I'm off to Spain🇪🇸 for the Frankly Unstoppable Retreat this week. I'll be sharing pics and videos over on social media, so make sure you're following at the links below.

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