Are you ready to challenge your views on women in Arabic culture? Meet the incredible Rasha Yousif, a talented photographer and an avid traveller who is on her quest to become the first Bahraini UN Master!

Rasha has 163 countries under her belt, but the journey is not just about ticking countries off a list. It's about breaking stereotypes and celebrating the empowerment of women!

Find out when Rasha fell in love with slow travel, what her favourite picture is, how TikTok can help you in your travels and what Cape Verdean woman is a great inspiration to her. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation and give her a follow on Social Media!

ūüĆź Read the full interview¬†here¬†or watch it on our YouTube channel¬†here

Last Call For the Poll

Inspired by Rasha's story? Why not share your thoughts how differently women can experience travelling comparing to men? We're still gathering your insights on that topic in our Women in Travel Poll. Cast your vote here and be part of the conversation! 

Voting is open until March 21! And yes, men can and should participate as we wish to make a comparative study of the results.

Series of the Month

Our ever-growing Series have just expanded again - this time with a focus on the House and Biographical Museums and the Military, War, and Police Museums categories! New additions include the quirky Fire Services Museum in Macau or immerse yourself in Brazilian Modernism at Casa Roberto Marinho in Rio de Janeiro. These places are not just visits; they're experiences! 

Got a notable place to be added in mind? Share with us and be part of our community's growth!

Upcoming Envoy Meetings: Connect & Celebrate

Join us in Canada or The Hague for exciting NomadMania Envoy Meetings! Whether it's a pub night in Toronto hosted by Michael Dodge, a trivia house party in Vancouver, organized by Ernestine Chan, or the celebration of King's Day in The Hague led by Razvan Bondalici, there's something for everyone.

Don't miss these opportunities to connect with fellow travellers - our event calendar is constantly growing!

Book Your Next Adventure

Last chance to secure a spot on our upcoming NomadMania Trips! We're closing registration on March 25th!

Come on an adventure with us and book one of our tours led by the world's best fixers! Explore Algeria with Wassim Allache at the end of April,  as he takes you on a path less travelled in Algeria.

Or journey through Syria in June on a budget-friendly and quirky trip with Fadi Assi.

Immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of these countries and connect with our NomadMania community!

As Seen On...

Looking for some travel inspiration while on the go? Tune into "Places I Remember" with Lea Lane, featuring our very own Harry Mitsidis!

In the episode "Globetrotting With 'The World's Most Travelled Man'," Harry spills the tea about his favourite and least favourite destinations, sharing the profound interactions that have influenced his travel philosophy.

New DARE regions in India

New DARE destinations in India are calling! This week, we spotlight the breathtaking Southern Mizoram (Lawngtlai), a haven for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts alike. From majestic mountains to vibrant local communities, Southern Mizoram is a destination that promises unforgettable experiences.

Other DARE places to exlore this week include:


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