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TASE ’18 to open tomorrow

TASE is the annual spring graduation show of the Estonian Academy of Arts, with this year’s main exhibition taking place in the Faculty of Fine Arts building at Lembitu 10. The exhibition will open on 30 May at 17:00 and the final projects will remain on view daily from 10:00 to 18:00 until 13 June.

View the full TASE programme

Showcasing TASE #3: Faculty of Architecture

Click on the video to see how the issue of affordable housing in the context of Tallinn is addressed in the final project of EKA architecture master’s student Veiko Vahtrik. He researches which strategic and tactical interventions can be implemented in the planning of housing in Tallinn to avoid spatial segregation that comes with growing real estate prices.

Video by Cloe Jancis and Lee Kelomees. Graphic design by Martina Gofman, Johanna Ruukholm and Nathan Tulve

Have a look at the research topics of the Faculty of Architecture master’s students

Annika Kiidron won first prize at the ERKI Fashion Show 2018 with her “It’s A Trap?” collection

Congratulations! Photo by Brita Binsol

20 young fashion designers from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Russia presented their collections at the fashion event organised by EKA students.

The second prize was awarded to Päivi Leino from Finland for her “Atmosphere” collection and the third prize to Laima Jurca from Latvia for her “Creativity as a Manifestation of Freedom” collection. A special prize with an internship at Roberta Einer’s studio in 2019 went to Kerttu Reinmaa (EKA student of Fashion Design) for her “Hand Me a Hanky” collection. The second special prize, Anatomy of Couture – Tallinn Summer Academy, was awarded to EKA students of Fashion Design Külli-Triin Laanet and Nele Kurvits who jointly presented the “HAND-IN-LOVE” collection. The “WICKED RAIDER” collection by Kirke Talu, EKA student of Leather Art, Accessory Design and Bookbinding, won the popular vote.


Have a look at the ERKI winning collection here

New teaching staff members at EKA!

There will be some new faces in the new EKA academic building! Photo by Tõnu Tunnel

Sille Pihlak was elected to the position of Lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Urban Design.

Nithikul Nimkulrat was elected to the position of Professor at the Department of Textile Design.

Ott Kagovere was elected to the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Graphic Design.

Julia Valle Noronha was elected to the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Fashion Design.

Riin Alatalu was elected to the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation.

Anneli Porri and Helen Arov were elected to the position of Lecturers at the Department of Art Education.

Welcome all!

Photo gallery: construction of the new EKA academic building!

Architectural design: KUU Architects
Interior design: Pink
Contractor: Astlanda
Photos: Tõnu Tunnel

More images of the almost ready EKA building in Kalamaja

Collaboration between the Estonian defence industry and EKA: new products made from waste

EKA pakub sisseastujatele võimalust tulla konsultatsioonidele, infotundidesse ja proovieksamitele, kus selgitatakse huvilistele loovülesannete eesmärke, jagatakse nõu portfooliote kohta ja vastatakse küsimustele.  Aastatega on EKA sisseastumiseksamid paljuski muutunud ja konsultatsioonide eesmärk on leevendada sisseastujate asjatuid hirme või eelarvamusi. Tere tulemast EKAsse!

Proovieksamid, infotunnid ja konsultatsioonid:

  • 31.05. kell 14.00 ehte- ja sepakunsti eriala infotund
  • 04.06. kell 11.00 graafilise disaini eriala infotund
  • 05.06. kell 15.30 tootedisaini ehk uue nimega tööstus- ja digitootedisaini eriala infotund
  • 07.06. kell 11.00 vabade kunstide teaduskonna erialade infotund
  • 07.06. kell 12.00 õppekava Kunst (maal, graafika, installatsioon ja skulptuur) proovieksam
  • 07.06. kell 13.00 stsenograafia eriala proovieksam
  • 07.06. kell 14.00 animatsiooni eriala proovieksam
  • 07.06. kell 14.00 tekstiilidisaini eriala infotund
  • 15.06. kell 11.00 moedisaini eriala infotund ja proovieksam
  • 25.-28.06. arhitektuuri ja linnaplaneerimise eriala proovieksamid

Erialade infotundide nimekiri ja ajakava on üleval ning täieneb pidevalt EKA kodulehe sisseastumise rubriigis.

Registreerumine infotundidesse ja proovieksamitele SIIN!

11.-28.06.2018 toimub EKAsse õppima asumise avalduste esitamine SAISis

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Collaboration between the Estonian defence industry and EKA: new products made from waste

A solution was offered for seatbelts that children find uncomfortable – the Safety Bear! It is made of production waste from the textile industry with the aim of rendering car journeys more comfortable while doing something good for the environment. The Safety Bear protects against the sharp edge of the belt digging into the child and supports the child’s head for a sounder sleep. Prototype and photo by Eliize Hiiop

In a two-year collaboration project, the EKA Sustainable Design Lab, Tallinn University and Estonian Defence Industry Association mapped the quantity of production waste in the Estonian defence industry and how it is processed. This was followed with experiments in sustainable design. With the help of upcycling, a method of creative reuse, solutions were sought to bring production waste into the circular economy and implement quality management. Work teams offered over ten proposals for reusing waste.

Twelve additional partners contributed to the project, including the Estonian Rescue Board, Police and Border Guard Board, Sangar AS, YKK Finland and others.

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Literary scholar Dr Epp Annus at the EKA “Paradoxes of Soviet Colonialism” seminar

“Paradoxes of Soviet Colonialism” is the third seminar of the series. Photo by Kristina Jõekalda

The third seminar of the “Creating (Art) History. Issues of Rewriting” seminar series was given by Dr Epp Annus, a literary scholar from the Estonian Literary Museum and Ohio State University. The series is organised within the framework of Professor Krista Kodres’s “Historicizing art: knowledge production in art history in Estonia amidst changing ideologies and disciplinary developments” personal research funding grant. Project participants also include Professor Virve Sarapik and doctoral students Kristina Jõekalda, Kädi Talvoja, Maria Jäärats and Eero Kangor.


The last edition of the International Inspiration open lecture series this academic year – “Notes Towards Geographies of Imagination” by Antonia Alampi

31 May at 18:00 – a lecture at the Academy of Sciences (Kohtu 6)
1 June at 10:15 – a seminar at the EKA Institute of Art History and Visual Culture (Suur-Kloostri 11)

In her lecture, Antonia Alampi, Artistic Co-Director at the SAVVY Contemporary: The Laboratory of Form-Ideas and curator at the Extra City art space, will talk about the current project that she is developing together with Bonaventure Ndikungi, Olani Ewunneti and Lynhan Balatbat at SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin. The project proceeds from On Imagination, a poem by Phillis Wheatley, a former slave and the first African-American female poet from the second half of the 18th century.

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“Design for Extreme Environments: Outer Space”, an open lecture by Michael Lye (RISD/NASA)

A design solution by RISD students for a spacecraft designed to land on Mars

On Monday 4 June at 13:00, Michael Lye, an industrial designer and teaching staff member at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), will give a lecture titled “Design for Extreme Environments: Outer Space” in room 241, Estonia pst. 7. His lecture will focus on design in zero gravity. All are welcome!

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“Using 3D Technologies in New Fashion Design”, an open lecture by Samson Shafran

On 5 June at 10:00, Samson Shafran will give an open lecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts in room 429, Estonia pst 7. His lecture will address digital 3D modelling, rapid prototyping (3D printing), 3D usage in new fashion design, their influence and augmentation of the creative process and the correlation between the artist/craftsman individual style and the aesthetic vocabulary derived from the digital making process.

Loe veel


TASE ’18 satellite: Lasnamäe. Unfinished City, an annual exhibition of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design

A studio project by Ulla Alla, Nina Steiner and Madli Kaljuste

What will the future bring for Lasnamäe? What are the problems facing Lasnamäe and other similar prefabricated housing districts with free planning and what could be improved? This year, the annual spring-time exhibition of the EKA Department of Architecture and Urban Design carries the title Lasnamäe. Unfinished City. The exhibition combines the work results of students and teaching staff members of the department who focused on the future visions of Tallinn’s biggest district. Lasnamäe. Unfinished City will remain on view at Draakon Gallery until 9 June.

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TASE ’18 satellite: GD18 SHOW

This spring, 16 young designers will graduate from the Department of Graphic Design. To mark the occasion, GD18 SHOW, their graduation show, will open on 31 May at 17:00 at EKA Gallery. The exhibition will feature publications, fonts, video and board games, interactive stories, sound projects and works for the Estonian Academy of Arts. The projects address and deal with such topics as attention economy, culture jamming, stereotypes, character play and creation, uncanny valley and more.

Participating designers: Kermo Aruoja, Allan Aug, Martina Gofman, Elis Kitt, Kaspar Kuldkepp, Vello Lutter, Oskar Mihhailov, Joosep Noorväli, Anselm Oja, Eva Rank, Johanna Ruukholm, Anastassia Tšepaikina, Nathan Tulve, Karl Uibo, Mathias Väärsi and Väino Õun.

The exhibition will run until 19 June.

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Betrayed emotions at the I Curse the Day jewellery exhibition

On 31 May at 18:00, the second part of the Spheres youth exhibition of Tallinn Print Triennial will open at the Corridor Club of Kultuurikatel. The exhibition uses the notion of sphere as a conceptual metaphor – spheres are hybrid and symbolic realities created by humans from whatever is ready to hand, spaces of coexistence that enable humans to exist as humans.

Participating artists: Valentin Alizer, Ann Pajuväli, Mark Antonius Puhkan, Irma Isabella Raabe, Kadi Reintamm, Elina Saat, Kristina Mirjam Villand and S3+A1 (Delija Thakur, Helga Aliis Saarlen, Elise Roos and Patrik Olejňák). The exhibition is curated by Eve Kask and Oliver Laas. The exhibition design is by Delija Thakur and the graphic design is by Kerli Virk.

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Betrayed emotions at the I Curse the Day jewellery exhibition

A group of emerging contemporary jewellery artists are exploring the effects of personal betrayal at the I Curse the Day jewellery exhibition. The exhibition takes place at the Gate Tower of Pikk Jalg (Nunne Street 1) and features works by Anni Voll, Erle Nemvalts, Hansel Tai, Kaia Ansip, Kaur Virkebau, Liina Lelov, Noga Rachel Harel, Sille Luiga, Sigrid Kuusk and Triin Kukk.

I Curse the Day will run from 31 May to 6 June.

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TASE ’18 satellite: EKA Department of Photography’s new Showcase Gallery to launch with Homage to Lacan, an exhibition by Vít Havranek

The new Showcase Gallery will be launched with the Homage to Lacan exhibition by Vít Havranek, an art theoretician and curator living in Prague. The gallery is attached onto the Lembitu 12 building and the exhibition will open with a performance on 4 June at 14:00.

The Display Case: Enjoy the Mirror deals with the Early Medieval Latin notion of reflexio, which refers to the act of bouncing back when a body meets a mechanical obstacle. Reflection as a metaphor has been used here both in connection to photography and the psychoanalytic mirror phase as proposed by Jacques Lacan.

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Room, an exhibition by the artist collective Urmas-Ott at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

An installation view at Room. The object in the foreground is Doll, a ceramic work by Lauri Kilusk. Photo by Hans-Otto Ojaste and Urmas Lüüs

The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design initiated the Room project to invite artists to respond to the artefactual landscape that has moulded the local art and everyday environment. The aim of the project is to create an installation in the Staircase Gallery that is based on the objects found in the collection of the museum with additional materials and keywords.

The first to be invited to participate in the project is the artist group Urmas-Ott (Urmas Lüüs and Hans-Otto Ojaste, teaching staff members at the EKA Department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing). The aesthetics of their display is based on childhood memories.

The exhibition will run until 5 August.

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It Doesn’t Mean Anything, an exhibition by final year jewellery and blacksmithing students at Fahle Gallery

It Doesn’t Mean Anything, an exhibition by final year jewellery and blacksmithing students is currently on view at Fahle Gallery. According to the participants, this doesn’t mean that it’s all over, though.

The exhibition will run until 3 June.

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EKA members

EKA graduation ceremonies to take place on 21 June at the National Library

This year, the graduation ceremonies will take place at the National Library Main Conference Hall (Tõnismägi 2) on 21 June.

The graduation ceremony for the Faculty of Design and Faculty of Art and Culture will begin at 12.

The graduation ceremony for the Doctoral School, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Fine Arts will begin at 15.

Until then, good luck at the defence. It will soon be time to celebrate!

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