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Do school holidays impact your life? I seem to plan my life around them. That's also my excuse for being in your inbox a day late this week. SORRY!

Here we have started a two week school holiday break. My teens are home. One is studying 12 plus hours a day for her final exams the other has this week of working in the garden before next week filled with indoor hockey.

My cold is gone. YAY. Now I'm battling the dreaded cold sore onslaught that always follows. Let me know if you have ANYTHING you think might help.  I'm still  committed to my GET STUFF DONE mantra so I'm powering on regardless. 

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Thanks so much for reading. You support means the world to me.  Until next time much love, read strong and get stuff done!

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With my coldsores  (TMI?) I've held off this week on videos - look out for a link to the next one tomorrow  in my Elite Geek Book Tribe on Facebook . I'll be trialling some different formats to get the best one. You can join to see them first  HERE ( Ten more members and we'll have a 700 member giveaway in there!)


I dove back into the world of my Timesurfers from The Midnight Society this week in addition  to The Mage Trials - Kingdom of Secrets edits.

I found it quite emotional. I don't think you can describe the attachment you have to your first book and it's characters. And that's saying something because I always have words!

I'm working a prequel novella to The Midnight Society which follows my absolute favourite character Jonah. Who here loves Jonah?

He came to me as  a completely formed character. Just like a very old friend I've always know exactly how he would react in any situation. And things like he has a favourite pair of shoes, how he takes his coffee, what food he likes and dislikes. All like second nature. This novella will be out at the end of November! Here's the cover. Thoughts?


While "researching" for Mage Trials I discovered an EXTRAORDINARY series. It felt so similar to Harry Potter, while at the same time seemed a fresh and interesting take. It's YA Fantasy  that when you start reading you'll feel like you've come home to an old friend. It's also clean and something your entire family can read and talk about. Which is something I adore about Harry Potter. It transcends age groups effortlessly. This is a complete six book series. Want to know more?

It's The Royal Institute of Magic Series by Victor Kloss. Click the images to check it out!


You can catch up on my last three unboxings HERE . There's Magical Crate from LitJoy, Fae Crate and Unicorn Crate. Unboxing videos loading as I type are OwlCrate and Fairyloot ! Don't forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel to see them as soon as they are ready :) 


I very much enjoyed the fun of the giveaway last week so thought I'd do another one :). Again it is open internationally (if the Book Depository delivers to your door). 

The prize I have this week is REBEL - A Legend Novel by Marie Lu.  

"Respect the Legend. Idolize the Prodigy. Celebrate the Champion. But never underestimate the Rebel"  

It sounds AMAZING !!!

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I'll leave you with a quote from Tony Stark when he meets Thor in Avengers  " Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?" ( I LOVE RDJ )

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