DrJoyCoaching Newsletter, vol. 4

Jan 1, 2021

GOODBYE, 2020! 

Hi ,

I can imagine that you are ready to see the tail-lights of 2020 fade into the distance. 

Whether you have experienced loss in your family circle or community due to Covid,

Been working non-stop as a physician taking care of Covid patients,

Been a working parent, trying to also manage your kids’online school,

Lost a job or had major a financial setback this year,

I think we can all agree we could use a break!

But, as I look back at 2020, I marvel as some of the good things that have come out of it...


I recognized that having my husband working from home and my daughter doing college from home, while burdensome for someone like me who appreciates quiet and solitude, actually brought us closer together as a family. I saw the relationship grow between my husband and my daughter through shared cooking projects, gardening, and other home projects they did together. Sometimes I even found myself feeling excluded from their little private club!  But, she and I also bonded, over silly TV shows that we watched together, guessing who the Masked Singer was, and commenting on the Bachelorette’s choices in men. Instead of the usual ‘everyone on their own device’, we all watched the evening news together to hear the latest on Covid-19 and American politics, which led to some very animated discussions.


And while our gyms were closed down, we managed to get out and walk more around the neighborhood, enjoying nature, waving to the many others who were out doing the same. I also connected with an amazing group of women physicians on Facebook and became more fit and strong through a motivational strength workout that was online. Once our golf course opened back up,  I embraced the opportunity to get out to play golf and socialize (while distanced, of course).


So before you write off 2020 for good, I suggest you look back and find the good that may have happened to you in your life this past year. There may be only a few good things you can think of, but write them down, big or small. And if you feel like having a ceremony, you can light a candle, and burn the list, saying thank you and good riddance to 2020.


As you look forward to 2021, try to use the lessons learned in 2020 to help you identify and solidify your desires and goals. Maybe your values and attitudes have changed, or maybe you realize you need a change. You can still make resolutions to lose weight, or exercise more, but how EXACTLY do you intend to make that happen? I read a great book this year called Tiny Habits, by BJ Fogg. You can make any behavioral change happen by just starting with a tiny first step. (But, also, make sure to forgive yourself if you fall off the wagon. For those of us that have a perfectionistic streak, or engage in all-or-none thinking, it’s easy to give up if we don’t immediately accomplish the goals we set.)


As you move through your life’s journey in 2021, just remember, there is no reason to quit; you are not failing, you are just learning. You can change course, so long as you keep moving. 


I know my mindset sure has changed over the course of 2020. I have realized what is important to me, and also how to have self-compassion. As I look ahead to my own journey through entrepreneurship in my coaching business, I realize how much I still have to learn. I realize I need to put myself into the discomfort zone, and push myself to grow. There are many people in my life to learn from, and all I need to do is ask for help. I tend to compare myself to others instead of realizing that we all do things at our own pace. My journey is my own, not anyone else’s. And when I get down on myself, I coach myself into getting back on the horse…

What about you?


What is your wildest dream?

What will your life look like if your dream happens? What will your life look like if it DOESN'T happen? Can you accept that future? 

, your future self is counting on you to achieve your dream!

If you are ready to talk about changing your life, please use this link to set up a free discovery call with me! 

Happy New Year! 


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