Dear Friends: For health reasons,  I want to share with you what is going on with planet Earth in regards to the obvious.   We want blue skies again.  Rhode Island has started a process to mitigate the power of those who do geo-engineering.  I sent this email to 75% of the governors in our country sharing with them this message. 25% don't use email publicly. I felt it would be good for you to know this.  ---Christopher

Rhode Island was first. They created The Clean Atmosphere Act.   The Political Sphere however is powerless until 49 other Republics in this country do the same.  The Financial Sphere has all the power and will continue to have all the power until the people stand together in defiance.  You the governors of each republic are our leaders.  This Clean Atmosphere Act is a moving metaphor towards life, liberty and property of the people, by the people and for the people.  The power sphere can return once again to the people of each and every republic and we need you to lead.  Take time to read this act.  As you are led, introduce this law to your state assembly...senators and house and create a 'Clean Atmosphere Act' to protect the life, liberty and property of the people who reside in your republic as well...and this is just the beginning.  We love blue skies and clean air.

On May 4, 1776, Rhode Island declared their independence from King George III.  They lead the way, being the first colony to do so.

On March 2022, Rhode Island became the first Republic in the United States to create law to clean up the earth and skies known as "The Clean Atmosphere Act".  

RI - Representative Robert J. Quattrocchi (U)
RI - Representative David A. Bennett (U)
RI - Representative George A. Nardone (U)
RI - Representative Justin Price (U)
RI - Representative Sherry Roberts (U)

The proposed legislation aims to establish regulations to reduce hazardous emissions by prohibiting harmful manipulation of the environment by regulating weather modification and other large-scale atmospheric activities. Application and violation fees would be deposited into a state trust fund for municipality projects that promote the safety of life and property. The bill is extensive and includes regulations and prohibitions on activities that span from aerosol injection, solar blocking and weather manipulation to carbon sequestration and ocean fertilization, to eliminating unnecessary radio frequency and microwave radiation.The bill proposes that all atmospheric activities require state licensing.

Summary:     Establishes regulations to reduce hazardous emissions by prohibiting manipulation of the environment, and collects application and violation fees into state trust fund for municipality projects that promote the safety of life and property.

The full text of the legislation here:

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