Do you fantasize about possessive and strong alpha men, dark and twistedplots that lead you into a world of suspense and passionate romance? You're going to love Born Claimed! Welcome to the dark omegaverse, darling. These hungry men will claim, take captive, and protect the woman they love and adore.

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Born Claimed: A Dark Romance

Three alphas. Three rules: Take, Tame, and Breed.

The wars never ended. The soldiers scoured the city, and I promised myself I’d never be captured again. When they found me, I was helpless… and pregnant. As the new leaders watched with twisted satisfaction, they strapped me in, stripped me down to my rawest form, and used me as shamefully as they pleased. I was made new.

I became their icon and only source of pleasure. I was worshipped in the worst way possible…

I was born to be their claimed captive omega. But in this prison, I am a shadow of my true self. My captors humiliate me. They film and show the world my darkest secrets. They force me to beg for more…

Killian. Lucas. Vash. As I silently dream, I can feel them hunting for their precious possession of a mate. Soon, they’ll find me, and all of my secrets will be revealed. The world is falling apart, but I have so much more to tell...


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