One man's trash...

Brokenland 4

Drew Morrison

Jane Song

Kristoffer Pagaduan
Color Assistant

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I confess I had to go on to Drew Morrison's 'Brokenland' official website to gather the essential information about this comic. Brokenland is the story of Meeso, a white ghostly apparition who undergoes some amazing transformation in this silent strange land. Lots of mushrooms are key in this comic, as well as studies on garbage and refuse.

Meeso and a platypus like friend, both white, are on an adventure where they are beset by a chicken and lizard type pair, who typically wear hard hats.

There are no words here.

Every single panel is filled to the brimming with Darrow-esque levels of detail, all squiggly seamy garbage and refuse. The garbage sometimes morphs into an uber-mass of ghastly proportions.

Brokenland has to be seen to be believed. The action here, the radical shifts from one scene to another challenge even the most steadfast comic reader. Part of that has to do with there being -literally- nothing to read. Not even a liner note or back cover synopsis.

The closest I can think of as far as a parallel to Brokenland is the last 10 minutes of the landmark cartoon Akira where Tetsuo acquires monolithic status as an all-consuming growing nodule of organic radioactive material. Meeso pulls off the same trick here, gets in a shoreline fight with another monster/accumulation.

The ultimate ending is so ridiculous I'll have to leave it to those readers patient enough to piece it together to the very end.


Wall-to-wall crazy.

Drew Morrison is to be commended for this work on two fronts. He has an extraordinary sense of color: the rich combinations invite the eyes to explore. This is a very well organized and gorgeous world to behold in all its vivid violets and greens. The other thing is his line work, his fastidious attention to the littlest details that carpet this comic end to end.

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