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September/October 2020

Have you ever noticed that when a house goes up for sale, there is a new sticker attached saying, Coming Soon?

The information for the house is not yet listed but the intrigue to know more about it is. Every time you drive by, you look for the information that you have gone from "coming soon" to finally available. 

My hope is that this newsletter gives you a little bit of that same anticipation. Resonate wants to connect and serve you, as well as celebrate that God is still very much in the business of mission.

Over the next few weeks you'll be receiving more information about a very special mission project taking place in Canada East but for now: It’s Coming Soon. #GoMission#Youvebeenserved 

Take the time to read the articles and events coming up that have been written by your Canada East Regional Team and be inspired. Be encouraged and blessed and refreshed that your heavenly Father is with you and that the Resonate team is ready to serve.

From Viewer to Disciple

Since COVID-19 caused restrictions on in-person gatherings, our church has been forced to invest and experiment more and more with online worship. Over time, we have discovered that we have more people gathering with us for worship online than we had attending our regular Sunday morning services before this pandemic started. It challenged us to ask: Who are these people joining us online?

I have heard it said: “If you want to reach people who have never been reached before then you have to try things that have never been tried before.”

With a desire to connect in a meaningful way with our new online viewers, we were willing to try something new. So, we launched our "Next Steps" campaign at our church.

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Resources & Events

Check out these resources and events to help you engage mission

Greater: Mentoring Leaders to Multiply

What if you had the tools, the mentor, and a learning community to build something new or multiply your ministry? We're partnering with church planters in Canada East, professors from Calvin Theological Seminary, and the Church Planting Institute to provide a nine-month mentoring cohort. Learn more and register here.

Joining God in the Neighbourhood Cohort

Resonate wants to help you—both individuals and congregations—develop missional practices and be the hands of feet of Jesus in your neighbourhood. Here's some more info. If you have any questions or are interested in joining a cohort, contact Marian Lensink.

A letter for you
What's Happening with Ministry Shares?

With the denomination working together to re-imagine ministry shares, we wanted to give you a little more info. Here's a letter we wrote for you. And please feel free to contact Beth Fellinger if you have any questions. You can email her at

Bulletin covers, videos, ideas, and more
Mission Emphasis Resources

It's Mission Emphasis Week! This is a time when churches normally set aside time to celebrate mission. We have a dedicated page of resources (videos, bulletin covers and inserts, a devotional on mission, and more) available for your church to use for free! Check it out here.

If you want to reach people who have never been reached before then you have to try things that have never been tried before.
Stories from Eastern Canada

Here's what's been happening your region

Meet Winston Visser: Newly-Appointed Catalyzer, Outreach Ministry Developer for Classis Eastern Canada

Winston calls himself an "imaginative realist." Get to know him a bit better and how he approaches ministry challenges and opportunities.

The Pivoting Church

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many churches have successfully pivoted. Church leaders and members rose to the challenge of being the church in a season when they could not go to church. Here's what that taught us about mission.

Joining God at Work Right Outside Your Front Door

"We are all on a learning curve of seeing where God is already at work in our neighbourhoods,” said Carol Vanderstoep, who's planting The Bridge, a CRC church in Ontario. Here's what she learned through Joining God in the Neighbourhood.

A Second Change at Life

Bawer (not his real name) moved to Berlin, Germany, alone—but he found community through a church planted by Resonate missionaries Mary Buteyn and David Kromminga. Here's a look at an international ministry that churches in Eastern Canada partner with.

Campus Ministries Update

CRC campus ministers are caring for and supporting students, faculty, and staff as they adjust to learning, teaching, and researching in a very changed environment due to COVID-19. Online, in-person, and everything in between, they are offering returning and incoming students hospitable communities that support them in their academic work, provide spiritual care, and offer space to engage with life’s big questions. Check out these videos that show how our campus ministries our welcoming students at the start of the school year:

University of Ottawa

Queens University

York University (Logos)

Fanshawe College

Brock University

You can find all our campus ministries in Eastern Canada and the rest of North America on this map, including how to contact them. Please pray for these campus ministries this year as they serve students, faculty, and staff in a challenging season!

In what new ways have you been able to reach people?
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Thanks for reading our regional newsletter. I would love to talk with you further to explore what mission looks like for you and your congregation!

Beth Fellinger
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