ChabadMatch Update

Erev Rosh Chodesh Tamuz 5781 Edition 59

Next Sunday, twenty Shadchanim will be available for one-on-one meetings in person in Crown Heights. Make sure to guarantee your spots today, by registering at

The Shadchanim attending include: Shandel Blassberg, Sara Chazan, Libby Chein, Chaya Cohen, Raizy Edelman, Rivky Fellig, Sara Eichler, Fraida Estrin, Gitel Chaya Fogel, Leah Gansburg, Chaya Gewirtz, Mashie Greenberg, Fruma Lipsker, Yocheved Miller, Noach Pawliger, Chani Raksin, Fayge Rapp, Sara Rubenstein, Chaya Stern, Rivka Torrenheim, Chani Vogel, and Sara Yarmush.

Two New Engagements!!!!!

Shidduch #207 - Shadchan Asher Yisraeli relates: "I started working with the Bochur and made several searches on the site for him which didn't work out.  Finally an idea came up on the site which was from his own hometown, Kiryat Gat. They went out and shortly thereafter got engaged!

Shidduch #206 - Shadchan Miriam Schmuckler relates: "I saw the girl's profile on ChabadMatch, knew a great bochur for her, and Boruch Hashem they went out and got engaged!"

Rabbi YY Jacobson: Let's Discuss Dating - Interactive Workshop for Young Women

This Week: Lecture Series on Dating for Young Men

Opportunity to Suggest a Shidduch

Ever had an idea for a Shidduch but weren't sure how to suggest it? You can submit the idea at and Shadchan Chava Richler of the ShluchimMatch office will look into it. Should the idea lead to a successful Shidduch, you will receive a portion of the Shadchan gelt.

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