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Bird update! Birbdate? This picture was from our last peek into the box on Saturday. We haven't touched it since to keep them from leaving prematurely. They're still receiving maw deposits and getting SO LOUD! I can hear them from my back porch whenever Mom or Dad swing by with a beakful. Mr. Lane is crossing his fingers that they don't leave the nest box until the weekend so he has a chance to watch them all day.

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Snippet Time!

Seth closed the space between them and lifted a hand to cup her cheek. The touch soothed her tripping pulse, then kicked the beat even higher. She resisted leaning into his touch for a solid two seconds before she gave in to her weakness.

“You’re safe. That’s what matters.”

A slow, simmering smile spread across his face. The hornets hummed louder than ever. Wait, no, that purring noise came from Seth.

His expression snapped closed and he took a step back. “There’s nothing to forgive.”

Right. Very right. He was her bodyguard, not her pool boy. They needed to stay professional.

And also, what the fuck? Purring? She liked vocal men, but she’d never heard one purr before.

"So, this is your place?" Lilah said too loud. She covered herself with a gesture to the general room. "Obvious predicament. There's only one bed."

Heat flashed through his eyes as he darted a look between her and the bed. "Don't worry about it. I won't be sleeping much tonight anyway."

"You've been up for hours. You need to sleep at some point." Not with her, of course. Not even if the images dried her tongue.

"I'm first up for patrol. I just wanted to check in before I left." He threw her a smile. "Didn't want to make you deal with those harpies for long."

Purring, Lilah. The man purred. His eyes changed. If it quacks like a duck, it could probably shift into one.

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There are about a million ways to end up in the Alien Bride Lottery. But all it takes is one.

Every unmarried female human over the age of 21 gets entered once a year. You can also accept extra entries for legal infractions—instead of paying a parking fine, for example, you can request an extra entry. Lots of women do that. I mean, why not? The chances are astronomical that your name will get chosen to be one of the hundred or so women who get shipped off to space every year.

And even if your name is drawn, the odds are slim that you’ll match up with an alien who’s looking for a mate.

Most of the lottery-drawn women come back to Earth every year and resume their lives as if nothing changed.

But some don’t.

And no matter what, getting drawn in the Lottery means you have to compete in the Bride Games.

Guess that's where I'm heading now.

I only hope I can avoid catching the eye of one of the giant, rainbow-hued brutes whose mission is to protect Earth—and who can claim me as a mate.

All because I was Entered in the Alien Bride Lottery…

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