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October 3, 2020

On the Homefront

October is upon us, and with it, the cooler weather. With our new gazebo, we are still trying to take our breaks outside, but the cold (and wet) weather just hasn’t been cooperating. We’ve had quite a bit of rain this week, though it’s not so bad when you can stand under an awning. The real issue is the wind, which seems to blow the rain everywhere. Luckily, our outdoor furniture dries fairly quickly.

I must say it’s a little odd, sitting outside in a jacket or sweater, with a blanket over our legs, but at least the air is fresh. You’d think the dogs would welcome the outdoor time, but all they seem to do is sit on the grass and watch the world go by. Daisy is particularly interested in whoever might walk by the house, but Tilly is more concerned with the squirrels. That being said, they both behave themselves, letting out only the occasional bark, or howl in the case of Daisy.

Lucky for us, the weather app says it’ll be a little warmer next week.

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'I am looking forward to the next' - Chuck D

'This is going to be a very rewarding series' - MV

'I am so excited for it and highly recommend this book and series.' - J G

'This is a very good start to another splendid series by Mr. Bennett.' - Deborah

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This Week's Review:

Not Another Happy Ending(2013)

Time for another movie review. Just to mix it up a little, I thought I might review a romantic comedy that we found on iTunes. It's called 'Not Another Happy Ending' and stars Karen Gillan (Dr. Who, Guardians of the Galaxy) as an author suffering from writer's block. This seemed like a good fit for us since I always enjoy seeing how writers are portrayed in movies.

The movie takes place in Scotland and concerns a young writer named Jane Lockhart, who has tremendous success with her first book. Key to the story, however, is the fact that her story tells the pseudo-history of her own childhood, which is very depressing. She wins an award for it and falls in love with a seasoned screenwriter. The trouble is, she's under contract to write a second book, and something is stopping her from writing the last chapter. In addition, she begins to see and actually interact with the character in her new book, who complains about not having an ending.

This movie very much has an 'indie' feel to it. It was made in 2013, just after Karen Gillan finished her role as Amy Pond (Dr. Who), but before she gained fame for her role as Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy. She displays some comedic chops here, ably assisted by Stanley Weber and a young Ian De Caestecker (Fitz from Agents of Shield). The humour is definitely low key, but there are a few laugh out loud moments.

I should also warn you there is some nudity, principally a naked person exposing their butt, and 'strategically placed objects' to block anything else, all done to heighten the comedic effect.

If you enjoy a fairly typical Rom-Com with a superior cast, this is the movie for you.

Did you catch my latest Facebook Live Session?

This time I spoke about some of the different ceremonies in my books and followed it up with a ceremony for my latest book, Tempered Steel.

My next Facebook Live will be on Monday, October 19, as the twelfth is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. If you can't join me live, let me know if you have any questions you would like to ask, and I will answer them on the Video.

And, honestly, I'm not sneezing in the gif of the video below. That's just the clip it decided to pick!

A Look Back at 

Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic

In the days of the Role Playing Game that inspired the Heir to the Crown series, I had created the character of Albreda. She was meant to reveal a prophecy of doom, a common enough occurrence in the fantasy genre. When it came time to write Sword of the Crown, I decided to expand upon that, making her an Earth Mage. Rather than have her traditionally trained, I decided on the concept of the ‘Wild Mage’; a person who has developed their magic without a formalized education in such things. It soon got me thinking about her background and the circumstances that had led to her acquiring her magic. This led me to write The Call of Magic.

Albreda is a fun character to write, principally due to the fact that she doesn’t mince words. I decided that this would be a trait she had as a child, and so the early chapters became important in establishing her independent streak and a lack of respect for authority. She is, of course, still an important figure in the Heir to the Crown series, but in this tale, she is less certain of herself and perhaps a bit more fearful.

The story culminates with her coming to grips with her newfound abilities, a rather satisfying end to the first part of her life. Is there more to come? Most definitely, but it won’t be anytime soon as I already have enough stories to keep me busy for the foreseeable future.

Book of the Week

'I really enjoyed this well-written and intriguing story. I couldn't put it down.' - Dianne L

The Call of Magic: For so long she tried to resist... but the woods call, beckoning her with their secrets.  

Never one to shy away from adversity, Albreda grew up the day her mother died.  

Now, her courage is put to the test when she finds herself lost in the mysterious and dangerous Whitewood, fighting for her life.  

Discovering there is so much that she does not understand, she embarks on an adventure that will change her life forever.  

Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic, is the origin story of the Witch of the Whitewood, Mistress Albreda. It can be read at any time but is best when read between books four and five of the Heir to the Crown Series.

Grab your copy today and learn how a wild mage unleashes the magic within!

Read The Call of Magic Today

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Work in Progress Update

This week saw me finishing Fury of the Crown, or at least the first draft of it. Carol and I were looking at the dates, and it occurred to us that I wrote this story in seven weeks; I think that’s likely a new record for me! I didn’t set out to write at such a fast pace, but once the story started flowing, there was little I could do to hold it back. This book resolves a number of storylines, yet still manages to leave some threads for the next one, War of the Crown.

Now that I’m done, I shall take a couple of days and go over outlines for other books, making changes here and there, and possibly adding some extra details. I find this gives me a nice break from the task of writing, while still keeping me immersed in each series. Next on the docket will be Warrior Knight, the first book concerning the adventures of Ludwig Altenburg. He was introduced in Tempered Steel as Charlaine’s love interest. Now that Charlaine has gone on to become a temple knight, I can begin the story of his rise to power.

Well, I suppose I should get back to work now.

Until next time, here's another excerpt from

The Frozen Flame: Book Three


"Why do they hate us so much?"

"This isn't about your people, Athgar," said Natalia. "It's about power."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I don't think the Church cares who they're fighting. It's the chance to flex their muscles, don't you see?"

"No," said Athgar, "I don't. Explain it to me."

"This is probably the only place on the Continent where so many Temple Knights are gathered. I think they see it as an opportunity to hone their craft."

"By killing? Isn't that against their beliefs?"

"People can justify anything if they set their minds to it. The Therengians are seen as outsiders. Think back to Runewald. Everyone there hates the idea of the skrollings. It's no different here, except the roles are reversed."

"I suppose that's true."

"It is," said Natalia, "but it's also sad. People fear what they don't understand. You and I have experienced life amongst the Orcs. To us, they are our friends, but to outsiders, they are barbarians. They likely see the Therengians the same way."

"Except that Therengia was once a great kingdom."

"I think that makes them even more fearful. To be honest, I doubt the locals even know it's the Therengians who are out there."

"They must know they're fighting someone," insisted Athgar.

"True, but I doubt they know the full story. Whoever leads this army wants the populace behind him. I imagine they will have painted the enemy as vicious cutthroats, eager to kill and ravage. It's all part of the politics of war."

Can't wait to hear more about Kargen and Shaluhk?

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