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About a month ago, I started writing for a local company (fitness studio) in San Diego that I absolutely adore. It's been so fun to tap into that creative side of my writing, and craft content about healthy living, exercise, and mind-body tips. It's reminded me about my other behind-the-scenes goals of building my wellness/lifestyle and education blogs. But it has also made me more intentional about my time and self-care process.

Something I've been working on the last few weeks is scheduling my free time. Wait, what? Okay, let me explain. I'm a pretty rigid person when it comes to my work schedule. I get up early, I work my butt off, and prioritize client meetings and video calls before anything else. What I'm not so great at is enjoying my free time. And a big part of that is because I'm not actually setting the free time.

So over the past month, I've literally been creating and scheduling blocks of 'me time' where I'll go to a coffee shop and read a book, spend quality non-technology-time with my boyfriend's son, or take the dog for a walk etc.

It sounds so simple and silly, but it's truly been such a blessing. Life is so busy, and sometimes it's so damn easy to push off things that re-center us. For someone who consistently struggles with this, I've found that actually being rigid and scheduled has helped me to relax in my free time more than I ever have.

Anyways, this week's newsletter is focused on self-care, wellness, and even a few more health-related tips. I hope it encourages you for the weekend! Maybe you'll find that one of these strategies works for you, too!

This weekend I'm Tahoe-bound to tackle some snowboarding, so wish me luck! (And pray for no crazy blizzards!) Talk to you soon + thanks for being a part of this community, 

Marisa 💗

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