And tips for killing Writer's Block before it happens.
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If you ask me how I feel about the term ‘Writer’s Block,’ I’ll give you my opinion—I don’t believe in it. And that’s not to diminish someone’s frustration or experience of feeling creatively ‘stuck,’ but to take another approach to the ways we hold ourselves back. Writer’s Block is a term we coined to explain our inability to get words onto paper. But how much of that ‘block’ is actually self-created? How much of that ‘block’ is from our own minds?

If you feel like you’re struggling to write something strong, or if the words just aren’t making sense on your head or the page—don’t worry—you’re not alone. Overcoming Writer’s Block isn’t easy, but it’s definitely possible. And it begins by pushing back against the doubt in fear in your mind.


But first, a freelance writing jobs:

Tax Tips (Because It's That Time Again):

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  1. Know your budget and expectations before you head into a meeting. There's nothing worse than realizing, after the fact, that you should have done something differently. If you're working with a new CPA or venturing out to find someone, please do you research. Being prepared is KEY to success.
  2. Keep great records (or create them now if you haven't already). Record-keeping is important, especially for freelancers and independent contractors. When you record that information carefully, it makes doing your taxes a breeze! Plus you won't forget anything when you're organized!
  3. Know what you can expense. If you're running an in-home business, research some of the write-offs you can have for rent, utilities, and home office space (just to name a few). You can give yourself a great financial break when you know what, exactly, you can deduct!

Services Spotlight:

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If you're looking for writing, editing, or coaching work—look no further!

I am super excited to release the part of my website that showcases my services! I've been doing content writing, coaching, and editing behind the scenes for a long time! Finally you can connect with this on my site and recommend someone who may be a perfect fit!

Check it out right here.

Content Writing

I started writing when I was five years old, and since then, the written word has been a driving force in my life. I am extremely passionate about writing, and can craft content for a wide variety of genres and topics.


Writing Coaching & Tutoring

I’ve worked with hundreds of writers and creatives all over the world. I’ve helped individuals to peel back their layers, get vulnerable, and challenge their own fears. My goal as a writing coach is to create relationships.


Editing Services

As an editor, I pride myself on the personalized connection. I get to know my clients, their lives, and their stories. I build an understanding of who they are as whole people, thus I can better work with them.

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