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Issue No. 112
Volunteer Updates
  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee Members Appointed - Formerly called the Minority Health Task Force, the Academy has turned the task force into a long-standing committee composed of appointed members: Alexandra Hill, Ijeoma Nwankpa, Kali Aucoin, Tracy Thomas, Darshana Naik and  Meryl Alappattu (Board Liaison & Director of Research). This committee will meet monthly to discuss and implement initiatives! 
  • Member-at-Large Appointed to the Finance Committee  - Truly Moore has joined the Finance Committee. The committee now consists of Molly Lisenby (Treasurer), Truly Moore, Kim Parker-Guerrero (Director of Practice), Cathy Konkler (President-Elect) and Aika Barzhaxynova (Executive Director). This committee is going to actively working on the 2021 Academy Budget and the development of new finance policies. 
  • State Representative Positions Open for Volunteer Applications - We are seeking volunteers for our 4 state rep positions: Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota. 
  • Awards Committee - The Academy Board has decided to create an Awards Committee to help facilitate the Academy awards nomination and selection process. Stay tuned for updates and a call for volunteers! 
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Important Dates
Cast Your Vote by July 31, 2020

2020 Summer Elections

It's time to elect your future leaders of the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy! If you are a PT or PTA member, you are eligible to vote for the national board, nominating committee and the early-professional special interest group leadership. If you are a student member, you are eligible to vote in the student special interest group elections. View candidate profiles and cast your vote! Your voice helps define the Academy's future!

Research Highlight

Immediate Effects of Exercise and Behavioral Interventions for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Lumbopelvic Pain

"What sets this study apart from others is that all assessment and intervention techniques were performed in a non-invasive manner. For example, in this study, pelvic floor muscle activation assessment consisted of external palpation of ischial pelvic floor muscle attachment with a fully clothed patient in a standardized side-lying position..." Read on

Apply by August 1, 2020

$10K Academy Research Grant

Research remains to be a high priority for our field, professionals and our Academy. The 2020 $10,000 Research Grant has been generously sponsored by one of the Academy’s top supporters, Intimate Rose

Apply for the research grant online.


Procedures Update

The Governance Committee is actively working on revising the Academy's Policies & Procedures manual. Part of their work included the development of grievance standard operating procedures and their charter which are now both accessible to Academy members on our Governance page.


CAPP Processing Fees & Deadlines

The Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy awards the Certificate of Achievement in Physical Therapy (Obstetric Physical Therapy or Pelvic Health Physical Therapy) to licensed Physical Therapists (PTs) who complete a series of comprehensive evidence-based education courses, written and clinical testing at each level and a written case report rigorously reviewed by the CAPP Case Reflection Committee. Over the last 5 years, the Academy has over-doubled the number of courses which has resulted in the increased number of CAPP applications and administrative costs. The Academy recruited and trained additional reviewers to monitor and grade submissions. To better support the operations and costs of this program, the Academy is introducing application submission fees which will take effect in the upcoming review quarter. Fees of similar outside programs often range between $300-$1,200 however we have decided to keep fees low for our members and nonmembers that chose to pursue the distinguished CAPP.

2020 Processing Fee Structure (effective August 15, 2020 Review Quarter):

  • Initial Application - $100
  • Revision Submission - $50

Upcoming CAPP Submission Deadlines:

  • August 15, 2020
  • November 15, 2020
  • February 15, 2021
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