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Bridges of New Year's Traditions

Many Calgary Catholics are pushing through the coldest week of the new year by holding onto fond memories of the Christmas past. Others in the city’s East Asian communities keep themselves warm by anticipating the opportunity to celebrate the Lunar New Year on Saturday, Jan. 25. “No matter what the weather, people like to get together to celebrate. It’s tradition.”

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New beginnings

The beginning of a New Year is a time associated with taking stock of the past, looking forward to the future, and making resolutions. Bishop McGrattan invites you to embrace the mission God entrusts to you and to live in the present moment! Read more.

Jesus' message to teachers

This stained glass window in St. Basil’s Hall at St. Mary’s University in Calgary — depicting a 12-year-old Jesus talking to the elders in the temple —holds lessons for young teachers, says Dr. Gerry Turcotte of St. Mary's University, among them the idea that learning is a two-way street. Read more.

Praying for Christian unity

Do we still need to pray for Christian Unity? The looming question seems to be not whether we still need to pray for Christian unity, but rather, how can we act more together? Archbishop Kerr-Wilson from the Anglican Diocese and Fr. Adrian Martens shared their responses. Read more.

Family unity is integral

We often hear this saying, “The family that prays together, stays together.” Would this guarantee moments of harmony and no family conflict? Anthony Banka shares how crucial it is to prioritize time for prayer and intentionally set aside distractions before family prayer. Read more.

A memoir of a life-changing friendship

Think about friends who have been influential in your life, who stayed with you through thick and thin and made you a better version of yourself. Solomon Ip counted himself blessed to have found a great friend during his first year of university, who has changed his life for the better. Read more.

May the Baby Jesus bless you

What has been your most memorable experience of being welcomed in a new church or parish community? Bonnie Annicchiarico, a mother of three, and a grandma of seven, brought the whole family to a nearby parish church and the warm welcome she received was a gift beyond words! Read more

Peace in the parks

Whether looking outside, in a field, at a beach, or on a mountain – nature can give us perspective about life and death. Learn how being immersed in nature can provide strength and courage to take other journeys that we would otherwise be cautious about undertaking. Read more.

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Masses for Christian Unity

Jan 21 - Jan 24 6 pm
Ascension Catholic Parish

Ecumenical Taize Prayer at FCJ

Jan 22 at 7 pm
FCJ Retreat Centre, Calgary


Begins Feb 18 
Sacred Heart, Calgary

Coldest Night of
the Year

Walk with us Feb 22 
Eau Claire Market, Calgary

Edmonton pays tribute to victim of Tehran crash

More than 2,500 people filled the Saville Community Sports Centre at the U of A on Jan 12 to remember the lives of 13 Edmontonians and 163 others lost when PS752 was shot down by a missile shortly after takeoff from Tehran. Read more.

The church never tires of announcing God's love

Pope Francis, concluding his catechesis on the Acts of the Apostles tells pilgrims that even if the Church is persecuted and chained, it never tires of welcoming with a motherly heart. Read more.

Catholic population of S. Korea grows by 50% in 20 years

A study by the Catholic Church in South Korea shows that the number of Catholics in the past 2 decades has increased by 48.6 per cent, and today accounts for 11.1% of the nation’s population. Read more.

Christians persecuted in Nigeria

A priest in Nigeria releases an appeal as Christians continue to be persecuted and murdered in his country. “Please help us not be silent in the face of this immense extermination that is taking place in silence.” Read more.

Enthroning the Bible in your home

The ancient practice of Bible entrhonement to Catholic homes has been a continual reminder for families to seek and live God's word each day. Here's a ritual to do it.

ADHD: Your 6 year-old's busy brain is a gift from God

A mother posed a question: How do I get through Mass despite my ADHD child's superpowers for creating catastrophic chaos. Here's how.

Praying for Christian Unity with family at home

Our own Christian unity will be discovered through showing hospitality to another and through loving encounters with those who do not share our language, culture or faith. Here is how to pray for Christian Unity at home.

5 reasons to jumpstart your spiritual reading

Reading a print book is contemplative, restful, and inspiring in ways that watching television or scrolling social media are not. Here are five reasons to consider jumpstarting your spiritual reading. Read more.

It was exciting to see the #iamblessed challenge taken up by families, students and parishioners across the Diocese as they blessed others with acts of kindness, gifts and prayers. Over $70,000 was donated to parishes and diocesan programs to sustain ministry work. These acts of giving show our love for others and God! May God's love and generosity #catholicyyc

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