Hello! Orest Zub is here. I can't believe it's not even a week since we said "good buy" to each other in Lviv. The entire project was a huge success.

Thanks a lot for joining and supporting such a meaningful initiative. 

Now when the active phase is over we're moving to a follow up. And here I've got a few suggestions and guidelines for you. Please, read carefully :-)


1) Awards Ceremony Video is ==> here.

Feel free to share with your friends.


2) ALL PHOTOS are in ==> this media folder.

You're welcome to use any material from there.


3) VIDEOS will be ready by Sunday in the same media folder.


4) Our Media Follow up campaign will start next week

If you wish your photos to be featured, please, upload your best 10 pictures in this folder and name them accordingly.


5) Spread the Word

Any active mentioning and public feedback is well appreciated.  

Please, also tag NomadMania in your social media publications. You might have noticed how I'm tagging you in our recent publications ;-)


I'll be updating you along the progress of publishing our relevant materials. 

Take care and happy travels... 

Sincerely, Orest from Lviv :-)


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