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That's right, I've made Ellie's Encounter, first in my Elevator Encounters series, permanently free!

Jet-lagged after a long flight, the last thing Ellie needs is to get trapped in the elevator on the way to her hotel room. At least she's not alone in her predicament; a sexy cowboy named Jacob is trapped in there with her. When her claustrophobia starts to get the best of her, he's only too happy to lend a hand to help distract her. Both of them, actually. And his mouth. And the rest of his body...

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The second in the series, Juliet's Romeo, is only available on Amazon at the present time though I hope to take it wide soon... and the third, The Best Man For Leah, is EXCLUSIVELY available to read in the Just You And Me box set, where you get 15 books by fantastic romance authors for the bargain price of just 99 cents... but only if you get in during the pre-order period!

Pre-order your copy before May 30th to lock in that low price, and make sure you don't miss out on The Best Man For Leah!

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The winners have been drawn!

That's right, I drew the winners for my last Rafflecopter giveaway to win a Kindle Fire and some paperback and ebook copies of Red Hots... but don't despair if you haven't heard from me. I have to redraw the grand prize because the winner didn't get back to me, and one of the paperback copies too! I have to give them a reasonable amount of time, but that's expired now.

So if you see an email from me in your inbox, don't just ignore it thinking it's another newsletter.

Somebody IS winning a Kindle Fire... and next week, I'll be setting up a giveaway for another one, so make sure you check out next week's newsletter!

This week's newsletter swaps are both Sports Romance themed, if hot sexy athletes tickle your fancy!

Jamie Winters was a little rough around the edges and never had the best luck and wasn't exactly known for her accomplishments. However, after years of playing venues with her Plus One band mates, she met Sam Ellis; a waspy entrepreneur and high profile member of the Sutton Hill Country Club.

After crossing paths, Jamie couldn't get Sam out of her head but he just wanted to be left alone. Would Jamie be enough for the hot billionaire who already had everything?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is an HEA story with no cliffhangers! For mature audiences only, must be over 18 years of age! Just 99 cents!

Twelve Miles

Hot. Intense. Relentless.

Rory Cameron is all about rugby. He’s been playing since he was a wee bairn in Edinburgh. By now, he should be a powerhouse with his single-minded dedication to the Traverse City Blues Rugby Club. But something is missing. With his dad breathing down his neck to make a big club, the last thing he needs is a sassy country girl distracting him.

Grace making the men’s team? Improbable. Rory coaching a women’s rugby team? Unbelievable. Falling for the girl? Absolutely.

Just 99 cents on Amazon now!

In Time

Book Review of the Week: A Good Year by Tara Fox Hall

I actually had a pretty rotten week in terms of book reviews because I had to wade through some outright stinkers. And then an author tried to get snippy with me on Goodreads because I gave her a 3 star review. Well. If you've read some of my Greatest Hits reviews, you know that 3 stars is getting off pretty lightly, especially if you have a hero 'unbuttoning his shit' instead of his shirt. (I kid you not, I almost died laughing).

However, Tara Fox Hall's A Good Year salvaged the week for me rather. It's an intriguing paranormal romance with a mature-aged heroine (what a nice change!) You can read my full review here.

I've got a book coming out on April under my other pen name!

Other pen name, I hear you cry? Why yes. Didn't you know that I write historical romance as well? In fact, that's where I started out. I've got two very well-received Jane Austen variations already published, and my third, Mr Bingley's Bride, is out April 4th!

You can pre-order Mr Bingley's Bride for just 99 cents at



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As always, you can find me on Goodreads or on any of my social media pages - just click the links below my signature! Until next time, happy reading!

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