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LMG turns four!

We started with an ambition an a dream. But what comes next?

Board members celebrate the LMG bday

Four years ago, a group of young scientists decided to make the first move to create a community fighting for gender equality in academia - they founded the Lise Meitner Society. Back then, we put all our efforts into kick-starting an ambitious, out-of-the-box conference known today as "I, Scientist", all the while carrying out our PhD projects and some even raising our kids.

After three successful installations of the conference and up to 1000 inspired attendees, the time has come to ask ourselves: "What's next?" This question came as a natural next step for the LMG. After all, we have a beloved and successful annual event, we have a base of members and collaborators motivated to do more for gender equality, so how can we utilize what we have?

In autumn 2019, we applied for and won a stipend of startsocial-e.V. for the coaching of non-profit organizations like us. Over the following few months, we worked hard on defining the vision and core values of our organization, sharing what LMG means to us, and planning the steps on how to achieve our newly found vision.

We all agreed our favorite part of LMG is our community. We know well that at the "I, Scientist" conference there is a special atmosphere of understanding, comradery, motivation, unfiltered ambition, and support. There, we feel free to be what we want and say what we want, without the fear of being misunderstood or the risk of feeling alone with our problems. Compared to our daily professional and sometimes even private lives, we do realize how special that atmosphere is. We want to foster a community of exactly that type all year round.

Our first step in growing our community is to connect with our members and get them involved more in the work of LMG. That is why this year we kick-started our first-ever Idea Contest. It is a chance for our members to show us their ideas on how to achieve gender equality, get involved, and run a project with LMG. Read more about the contest and other LMG news below and in the links.


LMG Board

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Win 2000 € for your project

Last month we kick-started a first-ever LMG Idea Contest. We want your ideas on how to achieve gender equality and we want you to execute it. Find out how to apply in the link below.

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Latest news

In data we trust – but should we?

Sabrina Patsch warns against bias and underrepresentation of women and minority groups in research data in her latest blog.

"Ready To Invent" workshop postponed

Earlier this year, we announced a new workshop by LMG member (and our mentor), Dr. Renate Weisse. Unfortunately, we had to postpone it due to COVID-19. Instead, the workshop will take place in the fall. Stay tuned!

New regional group

New regional group has recently been established in Tübingen. Find out where to find them here.

I, Scientist moves online

Our I, Scientist team has been working hard on preparing the conference for you - and coronavirus is not stopping them! They are just moving the entire conference on the web. Piece of cake! More...

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