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ERKI Fashion Show to premiere an experimental spatial design this Saturday!

The ERKI Fashion Show will take place at Noblessner Shipyard. Photo by Marleen Muhuste

On 26 May, which is already this Saturday, ERKI Fashion Show, the legendary fashion show organised by the Estonian Academy of Arts, will take place at Noblessner Shipyard in Tallinn. The public should expect an unusual spatial solution and experimental stage design. 21 collections from both Estonia and abroad will be showcased at the fashion show. The winner of the Best Collection will be chosen by an international jury.

“In the spirit of ERKI, the show will feature creative and brave solutions. The organisers will play with the interior design and introduce installations,” describes Sandra Mäesepp, one of the main organisers of the event.

The opulent catwalk show will be followed by the ERKI Fashion Show afterparty, which is taking place at the same venue.

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Showcasing TASE #2: Faculty of Art and Culture

Click on the video to see how cultural heritage and conservation master’s student Kristina Aas restores fire-damaged icons from the Piirissaare worship house of the Old Believers. Video by Cloe Jancis and Lee Kelomees. Graphic design by Martina Gofman, Johanna Ruukholm and Nathan Tulve

All the final projects of EKA architecture, design, fine arts and art and culture master’s students can be seen at the TASE'18 graduation show. In addition, the main exhibition will display final projects of fine arts bachelor’s students and various satellite events will take place all over town. The TASE ’18 main exhibition will open at the EKA Faculty of Fine Arts building (Lembitu 10) on 30 May at 17:00 and will run until 13 June.

Have a look at the other research topics of the cultural heritage and conservation master’s students:

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Interdisciplinary initiative “Abandoned Landscapes” is looking to repurpose forsaken places

Shale oil factory. Photo by Riin Alatalu

On 26 May, students from EKA and the Tallinn University of Technology will join the Chemists’ Day celebrations at Kiviõli where the Estonian Academy of Arts is organising its “Abandoned Landscapes” project for the sixth time. The objective of the workshop is to find new and inspiring approaches to abandoned places. The workshop will bring together students from a variety of disciplines: cultural heritage and conservation, architecture and interior architecture, as well as engineers and, for the first time, landscape architects from the Tallinn University of Technology.

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Veiko Vahtrik awarded the Anton Uesson Scholarship for his research on affordable housing

A sketch from Veiko Vahtrik’s “Affordable Housing” master’s project

The Anton Uesson Scholarship, founded by the City of Tallinn, was awarded to Estonian Academy of Arts architecture and urban design master’s student Veiko Vahtrik for his “Affordable Housing” master’s project. His project tackles the current and important topic of availability of living spaces in the context of Tallinn.

Like other European capitals, Tallinn faces rising real estate prices and a situation where only a small section of the population can afford to live in the city centre. In his master’s project, Veiko Vahtrik researches how spatial segregation can be avoided in the urban space and what strategic and tactical interventions can be implemented in the planning of housing in Tallinn.

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Kristjan Raud Art Award awarded to EKA members

There are also medals in the art field. Photo by Anna Aurelia Minev/ERR

The 46th edition of the Kristjan Raud Art Award was given to Art Allmägi, Head of Workshop at the EKA Chair of Installation and Sculpture, Professor Emeritus Leonhard Lapin and teaching staff members August Künnapu and Mall Paris.


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Open lecture by Michael Lye (RISD/NASA) “Design for Extreme Environments: Outer Space”

A design solution by RISD students for a spacecraft designed to land on Mars

On Monday 4 June at 13:00, Michael Lye, an industrial designer and teaching staff member at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), will give a lecture titled “Design for Extreme Environments: Outer Space” in room 241, Estonia pst. 7. His lecture will focus on design in zero gravity. All are welcome!

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Nõmmegraphy, an exhibition by Hirohisa Koike, a photographer from Japan/Nõmme, at the Museum of Photography

Hirohisa Koike. A photo from the Nõmmegraphy series

On Thursday 24 May at 17:00, Hirohisa Koike, a teaching staff member at the EKA Department of Photography, will open his exhibition titled Nõmmegraphy at the Museum of Photography in Tallinn. The exhibition will run until 9 July.

“When I woke up in the morning and opened the curtains in my bedroom, a pure white world unfolded before my eyes. On 25 October 2016, it snowed for the first time this season. I grabbed my small camera from the wooden shelf, opened the window and pressed the shutter button. From that day onwards, I decided to record my days living in Nõmme.”

Hirohisa Koike graduated from the Musashino Art University in Tokyo and is currently a doctoral student at Tallinn University and lecturer at EKA.

TASE’s satellite event at NO99: a sound installation by Martin Rästa

The Interspace sound installation is a master’s project by Martin Rästa at the Chair of New Media, Faculty of Fine Arts. It’s a soundscape that reaches over the edge of oblivion and conveys post-mortem states and experiential changes. It’s a process whereby the consciousness transitions from the known reality to the unknown, a metaphysical experience of the separation of the body and soul.

The master’s project was supervised by Peeter Laurits and Raul Keller.

The listening sessions will take place on 28 May at 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00 and 17:30 at the Theatre NO99 black box. The number of places is limited and each session lasts for 18 minutes.

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It Doesn’t Mean Anything, an exhibition by final year jewellery and blacksmithing students at Fahle Gallery

On 28 May at 18:00, final year jewellery and blacksmithing students will open an exhibition titled It Doesn’t Mean Anything at Fahle Gallery. According to the final year students, this doesn’t mean that it’s all over, though.

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Lasnamäe. Unfinished City, an annual exhibition of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design

The studio project by Ulla Alla, Nina Steiner and Madli Kaljuste

What will the future bring for Lasnamäe? What are the problems facing Lasnamäe and other similar prefabricated housing districts with free planning and what could be improved? This year, the annual spring-time exhibition of the EKA Department of Architecture and Urban Design carries the title Lasnamäe. Unfinished City. The exhibition combines the work results of the students and teaching staff members of the department who focused on the future visions of Tallinn’s biggest district. It will open on Tuesday 29 May at 18:00 at Draakon Gallery and remain on view until 9 June.

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EKA members at the Estonian Artists Association’s Jubilee Spring 2018 exhibition

The 18th spring exhibition of the Estonian Artists’ Association, Jubilee Spring 2018, is currently on view at Tallinn Art Hall and, in addition to EKA teaching staff members, it includes works by several EKA fine arts students: Leelo-Mai Aunbaum, Carl-Robert Kagge and Solveig Lill, master’s students from the Chair of Painting, and Johannes Luik, Valetto Alexandre and LAURi, bachelor’s students from the Chair of Installation and Sculpture.

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Shift, the highest fashion exhibition in Estonia is on view at Tallinn TV Tower

Shift, an exhibition organised by EKA fashion design students, is currently on view on the 21st floor of Tallinn TV Tower. Shift is an exhibition that pushes the traditional boundaries of fashion. The futuristic exhibition tells a story of the planet Shift by highlighting 12 unique works that lack all practical connections with the world but are bound for the future instead.

The exhibition will run until 30 September.

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Estonia and the EKA Department of Architecture and Urban Design at the Venice Biennale of Architecture

“Buildings for a Better Society: Schools”, interim materials of the studio

This year, third year EKA architecture students will have their final projects assessed in Venice in connection with the opening of the 16th Venice Biennale of Architecture. The students will present their final projects for the “Buildings for a Better Society: Schools” studio on new energy-efficient schools. The opening events will bring to Venice leading professionals from the field of architecture who can provide the students with invaluable feedback.

Other Estonia-related events in Venice:

The official opening of Weak Monument, the Estonian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture
Time: 25 March at 18:00
Location: Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, Castello Fondamenta S. Gioacchin

Opening of the PART.icular – Bespoke Timber Architecture exhibition by the PART architecture praxis (EKA teaching staff members Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam), part of the Time. Space. Existence exhibition, and presentation of NAP06: PART, the Estonian Young Architect Award catalogue.
Time: 24 March at 18:00
Location: Palazzo Bembo, Riva del Carbon

PART.talks – a panel discussion on material-based design research and experimental practices.
Time: 26 May at 16:00
Location: Palazzo Bembo, Riva del Carbon

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EKA members at Fabriano in Watercolour

In the photo (from left): Elize Hiiop, Marje Üksine, Katrin Kaev, a young watercolour enthusiast, Üla Koppel and Mari Roosvalt

During the first weeks of May, the eight edition of the international Fabriano in Watercolour festival took place in Italy. Artists from 69 countries took part in the exhibition with 1,430 watercolour paintings being shown in various gallery spaces and cathedrals. Fabriano in Watercolour is one of the biggest watercolour events in the world and, this year, it was visited by EKA teaching staff member Mari Roosvalt, alumni Marje Üksine, Katrin Kaev and Üla Koppel and EKA master’s student Elize Hiiop who curated/coordinated the Estonian contribution to the Fabriano Festival.

The exhibition will remain on view until the end of summer and the substantial catalogue is available at the EKA Library.

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