Hi there,

Last week, during a random maintenance check, I discovered a massive error on the Hulry Patrons website — no one could buy me a coffee.

Digging deep into the issue, I found out that the currency conversion API I used to convert USD → INR has silently switched to requiring an API key.

When I integrated the service, it didn't require an API key or an account to work. When it switched to asking for a key, there was no communication.

Biggest facepalm moment ever. 🤦

Anyway, I switched to a new API, and things are working smoothly now. So, if you have tried to buy me a coffee recently, I'm sorry for the broken experience.

I'll be more vigilant in doing routine checkups on my 3rd party integrations.

Now, moving on:

Grab a coffee, sit tight, and enjoy this week's issue:

Book to Read

Treat Your Own Back

This book helped me eliminate my gruelling back pains after sitting for hours in a bad posture. Although this is not a magic fix-it-all guide, the exercises and recommendations helped me a lot.

Buy it on Amazon

Apps & Services

Taskheat ➔

Visual to-do lists

Almost all to-do apps I’ve used over the years have the same format for tasks — lists. Taskheat lets you visualise your todos by creating flow charts instead of plain-old lists. Helpful for when you have tasks depending on some other task completion. Only for macOS.
BridgeZero ➔

Compare worldwide visa programs

Curious about which countries offer long-stay visas for working remotely? This site will help you get all the details in an easy to read format. What I love is that you can filter visas by type: digital nomad, remote working, citizenship, etc.
Super ➔

Create website from Notion pages

Do you use Notion? Have you ever thought of publishing information from your Notion workspace as a publicly available website? With Super, you can create stunning websites with Notion serving as the CMS.

Taking the Shortcut




Add a Google Doc comment on the word where you have your cursor.

Interesting Reads

Buying a 64GB iPhone Was Not the Wrong Decision ➔

9 min read

I've been using a 64GB iPhone for more than a year and still have over 20GB left on my iPhone storage. In this post, I'll show all the tricks I use to keep my local storage footprint low and how you can get away with a low-storage iPhone in most situations.
The five-day workweek has left the building ➔

7 min read

Cal Henderson, Slack's CTO, talks about how the company handled the drastic shift from office to remote work last year. Read about how this new working style affected the company and all the lessons learned from this inevitable experiment.
How to relax and recharge after a stressful workday ➔

11 min read

Work can feel stressful when there's loads to do and no time to catch your breath. This guide will help you inject tiny habits into your routine to help you relax better after a day of hard work.
Five Investing Powers ➔

3 min read

Morgan Housel, the author of The Psychology of Money, highlights some investing disciplines that will be a guiding light when the world seems to be burning down or running at a faster pace than you.


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