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Winter | Issue 3 | March 2019
Getting the Most Out of UT Travel
Travel Perks

American Airlines Status Match – If you have reached a status of silver, gold or platinum with an airline, American Airlines will match that status. Complete the form linked below, and e-mail it to The request will be processed in 14 business days. Click here for the attached form.

Delta Airlines Status Match – Delta Airlines will also match your status on another airline. E-mail Mr. Eric Holifield at and provide proof of your status with other airlines.

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Check Your Roles

Make sure you have the authorizations you need to test the system. When you log in to the Concur implementation site, confirm you are able to:

  • Create an Event Request in the Request Module
  • Act as a Delegate
  • Create a Report in the Expense Module 

If you need information about using one of these features, click here. If you do not have access to one of the functions mentioned above, email the Concur Helpdesk.

Working with Alerts

Alerts can refer to a lot of things in Concur, so it is important to know what to do when you receive an alert and how to address it. 

Not all alerts need to be resolved, so it is important to understand what types of alerts you can still submit travel with and which ones need resolving. A yellow alert is a notification creating awareness about a specific entry on a report. One common alert example is when a transaction date is outside of the travel dates. 

A red alert, or error, is triggered when an entry in your trip does not comply with policy or when entries contradict one another. An example of this might be an out-of-state destination with an "In-State" trip type. 

While alerts can sometimes be overwhelming, they can also be helpful in keeping a trip compliant with policy and encouraging travelers to double-check their entries. 

Alerts also provide a quicker reimbursement process, and that makes our travelers happy! 

If a trip has alerts, they can be seen on the trip tile of the Manage Expenses page. Look at detailed alerts by clicking on the tile and using the Alert dropdown arrow. You can look at alerts specific to the expense line by clicking one expense and using the arrows at the top of your screen to toggle. 

As you test Concur Expense, be sure to read any alerts you receive and confirm you can resolve them. If you are unable to resolve an alert, or if you are unsure what an alert message means, email the Concur Helpdesk

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