New videos and articles to help you improve your table tennis skills
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Here are my latest table tennis videos and articles. Tips this issue on playing like Desmond Douglas, beating a blocker, improving your serves and backhand topspin. I also share my favourite Christmas gift ideas for the table tennis player in your life!


New videos and articles
How to play like Desmond Douglas

In this video, table tennis superstar Desmond Douglas shares some of his table tennis secrets. Desmond played in the 1970s and 1980s and was 11 times English champion. Desmond had a unique playing style. He played close to the table and used short strokes and quick reactions to put his opponents under pressure. In the video Desmond explains the benefits of his playing style and shares some of the tactics he used during his playing career.

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Copying the pros can make you worse

How much should you try and copy professional table tennis players? Their technique is so smooth. The footwork is brilliant. They can generate huge amounts of speed and spin. And they are incredibly accurate and consistent. Pro players make the game look so easy and so effortless. So if we want to improve, then surely it makes sense to just study and copy what the pro players do? Well yes and no. There are instances when copying the pros could make you much worse.

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5 ways to make your serves much stronger

In the final video of our service secrets series, top coach Craig Bryant shares some more tips on how to do awesome serves. Tips include keeping the ball low over the net, serving with more spin, service variations, quick recovery and lots and lots of practice!

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Why is backhand topspin vs backspin so difficult?

Last month I had the pleasure of coaching at the Top Edge & Gertsen Training Camp at St Neots Table Tennis Club. Part of my role was to do 1-to-1 sessions with some of the players. In these sessions I asked the players what they wanted to work on. The players were a mixture of ages and standards, but strikingly most of them wanted to work on the same thing – backhand topspin vs backspin. This shot seems to be very difficult for a lot of players (myself included) at the amateur level. Why is this?

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How to beat a blocker

In this video I share a few tips and tactics on how you can beat a blocker. A ‘blocker’ is the type of player who stays close to the table and return lots of your attacks. To beat a blocker, you need to be clever with your attacks. You need to vary your placement, spin and speed. You need to play consistent good quality attacks. Not easy, but it is possible!

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Table tennis gift ideas for Christmas

Looking for a Christmas gift for the table tennis enthusiast in your life? I can help! I have scoured the internet for some great table tennis gift ideas. Actually, half the things on this list have been given to me at some point. As a table tennis obsessive myself, nothing makes me happier than a table tennis gift for Christmas!

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