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One Last Chance is now LIVE!

Grab it now at the introductory price of just 99ยข!

One Last Chance has just been released, you can grab it now at the introductory price of 0.99.

This book was originally titled One Fatal Error, so please skip it if you read it already.

It's got a fabulous new cover, the story has had a makeover and it's been re-edited.

It's a non-stop story much like Dead of Night ... the action starts on page one and doesn't stop until the tense and high-tension ending.

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One winner - drawn at random - will be sent a $25 Amazon e-voucher ... I'll announce the name of the lucky person next week.

Enjoy :-)

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Author Fact 1 ...

I said that I'd include some content in these weekly emails so that there was something to read if you're not interested in my latest release.

Well here's my first Author Fact ... years ago, before he became famous, Cliff Richard was in my dad's band.

You'll find it mentioned in most books about Cliff Richard.

The top photo shows Cliff with the microphone (of course!) and my dad on the right-hand side.

The bottom photo shows me, my mum, my sister and my niece meeting Cliff in 2018 at one of his UK concerts.

We got to go backstage because of the 1950s' 'Cliff-connection' :-)

Available next Monday ...

Coming next Monday ... No More Secrets, a story set in the Scottish Highlands.

This is a re-edited version of my book Burden of Guilt, and once again, it has a brand new cover.

Don't worry if you're waiting for brand new releases, they're coming soon!

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