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The first post-GDPR message. :)



Do you know someone born between 1977-1983?

They are an xellenial (including myself).

What is this animal like?

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This is the first time I share an external list of books.


But it’s coming from a good source. Piotr Smoleń - Data Ventures CEO - compiled a list of TOP10 books for fresh entrepreneurs. 


It’s in Polish, but you will figure it out (or ask me for translation - I will reply for sure). 🙂 


My TOP 3 in that list are: nr 2, 6 and 10. What would you add to the list?  

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I heard from Mark Manson, that everyone should know your name, but nobody should know your face.


Not only is it better for your privacy and personal security. But it also implies that your work is so valuable that people remember you for it.


Is it possible to keep you face unknown and become influential in "the era of selfies"?


What do you think?


All the best!


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