July 23, 2019


A Life On Mission
Stephen Heleman

Bring A Friend To Jesus

In Luke 5:18-26 we see four friends who were willing to do something extreme to bring their friend to Jesus. Let us learn from their example. 

  • They had a mission. Luke 19:10 "For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost." As followers of Christ, our mission is the same as His mission. Actively seek out those around you who don't know Jesus and need to be taken to Him. Who do you know whose only hope is Jesus?
  • They had an expectation. They believed Jesus could change their friend's life. We need to bring people to Jesus with expectation and belief.  Be bold! Pray for your ONE. Share your story with your ONE. Invite your ONE to church. 
  • They overcame an obstacle. We often assume that if God wants us to do something, he will "open a door" and make our way easy. But what if God wants us to learn to do the hard work? If we give up when things are difficult, it's like we are saying Jesus isn't worth our effort. Those who are lost need us to not give up. There are eternal ramifications. 
  • They experienced the miraculous. The first thing Jesus did for the man in the passage was to offer forgiveness. His greatest need was not an external need, but a spiritual one. Watch for those around you who may approach Jesus because of an external crisis, such as trouble in their marriage, career, or family. They have an even deeper need; They can still experience the miracle of a healed soul. 

Work Your Mission

The four men in Luke had a friend in need and they went to work. What are willing to do to bring someone to the feet of Jesus?

Who needs healing? Who is your ONE?
Who can help you help them? You don't have to do this alone. If there are questions you don't have answers for, find someone who can help.
When are you going to start? Don't wait to get to work.



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