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Women Empowered Global (WEG) is an organization that works with experts from around the world to design knowledge tools as part of a localized strategy to help women in business or corporate professions achieve leadership goals more effectively and efficiently. We offer coaching, mentoring and leadership accelerator programs to enhance their skills, unlock their full potential and achieve greater leadership success in their career or business. 


A message from our CEO

Hello Ladies


May was a very significant month for us. I am very happy to announce that Women Empowered Global now holds an affiliate status with the Women Economic Forum and All Ladies League (ALL). All Ladies League is one of the largest international women's chambers.


Further, I am excited to inform you of our dedicated 24/7 helpdesk to answer your coaching needs. You can ask to be coached by me, a global coach or local coach by contacting us at 


In this month's digest, we have the 4th leadership tip in the leadership column by our Slovenia partner, Sonja Klopčič. I also invite you to make your personal reflections as you go through our 'HeartTalk' feature this month with  Sonja Šmuc. Remember to also catch the weekly dose of the 'Think a Minute' online series with the Boldness Coach Vaneese Johnson.


Everything we do at Women Empowered Global is to empower, engage and encourage women to be the best version of themselves and help them realize their true potential.


We are here to help you live your dream.

Senela Jayasuriya-Abeynaike

Senela Jayasuriya-Abeynaike, CEO of Women Empowered Global was keynote speaker at the 4th World Conference for Women's Studies held in Colombo. Pictured here is Senela with a visionary leader from India.

May 2018 updates

Senela at the 2018 Women Economic Forum

Our CEO Senela was a speaker at the 2018 Women Economic Forum plenary and was awarded the “Exceptional Women of Excellence” award for her commitment and dedication to empowering women for leadership and economic growth.

Senela appointed Chairperson - ALL Sri Lanka Chapter Entreprenuership (Women Economic Forum)

Our CEO Senela was appointed "Chairperson - ALL Sri Lanka Chapter for Entrepreneurship" under the largest international women’s chamber – ALL LADIES LEAGUE.

Women Empowered Global now holds an affiliate status with the Women Economic Forum and All Ladies League (ALL).


Our CEO Senela at the 4th World Conference on Women's Studies

Our CEO Senela Jayasuriya was invited to 2 evaluation panels and to also moderate the 'Special session on Youth and Cyber Bullying' at the 4th World Conference on Women's Studies 2018 organized by The International Institute of Knowledge Management. Hans Billimoria from The Grassrooted Trust shared his valuable feedback and insights as a speaker during the session. The Grassrooted Trust works on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Grassrooted also works on prevention of gender-based and intimate partner violence, which includes the current manifestation of cyber exploitation and violence. 

Leadership & Management skills for Women

Our CEO Senela conducted a highly-interactive and engaging workshop for women on building leadership and management skills, being assertive and how to be empowered. The full-day session was organized by McQuire.


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The WEG HeartTalk® platform was designed by us to showcase the heart of leaders around the world; leaders who are passionate about what they do and are committed to seeing change and advancement.   


It is all about understanding the glass-ceiling, identifying the cracks and using those cracks as leverage to break through it, as a business owner, team leader or employee.

This month's 'HeartTalk' feature: Sonja Šmuc

Sonja Šmuc is an executive director of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia since 2005. She focuses on development of Slovenian management and leadership to encourage competitiveness of Slovenian businesses.

She also served as a treasurer of CEC – European Managers, a European confederation of managerial organizations with headquarters in Brussels. In 2006 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia co-awarded her with bronze award for innovation in publishing. She is also a co-author of a book on managing export risks. Before joining MAS she was editor-in-chief of magazine Manager, specialized in leadership and management. She is the author of more than 700 business related articles. She has Master’s Degree from Economic Faculty in Ljubljana; she deepened her knowledge at Stanford University of California, Vienna’s Wirtschaftsuniversität and IEDC – business school of Bled.

1.  What is your definition of women empowerment?

An empowered woman is a woman in charge of her life. She is independent and proud of who she is and who she will be. She makes decisions for herself and those that depend on her. She does not take this power lightly, since she knows that the outcomes of those decisions influence more than just her life. She is not afraid to walk away from bad situations, bosses or relationships. An empowered woman can take a lot of burden but she doesn’t allow anybody to walk over her and her dignity. Funny, the same is true for empowered men.


2. What motivated you to get involved in being inspirational for change?

Doesn’t everybody want to make a difference in the world? I’m fortunate that I found my tool for making a dent in the universe.


Click HERE to read her full interview with us.

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Meet out global partner Dr.Neslyn Watson-Druée

International best-selling author, multi-award winning leadership trainer, high-performance coach, global speaker and mentor



Our high-performance coach and leadership trainer Dr.Neslyn has a string of awards – a selected few are Business Excellence Award, sponsored by American Express, Gold Standard Award for improving Employee Potential; National Training Award; Consultancy and Training Awards; 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders – awarded by Global Human Resources Congress and Award winner of Women of the Decade in Community Leadership & Social Change – awarded by Women Economic Forum.


Dr.Neslyn has had the following recognition from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for Leadership and Innovation: Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE), Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) and Queen Elizabeth II Medal.

She is also the author of many books on boosting your self-esteem and becoming more confident.


To register for an online coaching session for you or your team with Dr.Neslyn, please email 


You can view her publications HERE.

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Being a working woman and multitasking can feel overwhelming sometimes! Looking for some quick powerful motivation to get through your week or day?  Then this is the place for you.


Women Empowered Global's online series 'Think a Minute' returns with more inspiring and powerful episodes featuring the award-winning Boldness Coach, Vaneese Johnson (USA).


If you feel like you need to get back on track, and find your level of bold, then tune in for a new episode every week.


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Be empowered and inspired as a leader with our global partner Sonja Klopčič.

She is our global partner from Slovenia brings to you - 'Ideas for Leaders'. Inspirational, practical and very useful tips for you to improve yourself as a leader and inspire others. She is the author of the book "The Energy inside leadership".


Sonja is a developer of new era leadership, and describes real business stories with a personal touch. Follow this column in our monthly digest for leadership tips to help you be instrumental and more impactful in your walk in leadership.

Leadership Tip #4 : With Small Steps, Driven By Love, We Can Overcome Big Distances

Just by receiving Ideas for leaders you have shown your intent to develop leadership, dedication to live and work in a way to change yourself and the world for the better. We are probably also connected by role models, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, among others. It is good to be inspired by great leaders and their breakthrough decisions and actions, but we should also respect the small, daily decisions and actions of many resolute people. Even with small steps, perseverance, and love, we can change ourselves and the world for the better. Ideas for Leaders support this notion, as they are shared weekly and in small doses, so that we can immediately put into life anything we feel is useful.

By observing some of the latest breakthrough companies one might say that the economy of the new dimension will be based on love. This is not about romantic love, but the love of self, of other people, of future generations, and the love of life. Let's bring more love in to our business environments! The thoughts of Jack Hawley from the book »Reawakening the spirit in work« will help us with that:

Remember what love means. High esteem, insight, diligence and reverence. It also means emotions, such as tenderness, attraction, trust, liking, affection. It means activity: friendly actions, helping others, solidarity, cordial acceptance and the like.Success at working with and among people requires collaboration, teamwork, reliability, understanding, tolerance, reciprocity, coherence and solidarity. It calls for trust, caring, mutual assistance, training, encouragement. These are not only the basics of success at work. But also characteristics of love.

Let's start introducing more acts of love to our work: giving, accepting, support and collaboration. Let us be respectful, considerate, helpful, trustful and encouraging to our colleagues.


Collaborate with love.



Thought provoking snippet of May

Why You Need To Learn From Your Mistakes

The most important life lessons we will ever learn will be from the bad decisions we make. Time and experience can be excellent teachers when you actually learn a lesson from your poor decisions. Experience comes from our way of living, understanding and the adjustments we make. It also comes from suffering, agony and the ordeals we are afflicted by.

We need to learn from our mistakes so that we do not run the risk of repeating them. We must develop the wisdom and sense to make good decisions and choices. Good judgment will only develop if you truly learn from your mistakes. Unfortunately, for many people, it takes a few repeats of the same mistake to learn the lesson.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” - Albert Einstein

I wholeheartedly believe that good judgment comes from experimentation with life. That includes poor decisions and bad judgment to ensure that good judgment might be recognized by a person and will remain a permanent fixture in their lives. If you have a difficult time making decisions or always blame your bad outcomes on others, then you have not learned anything. If you have not learned from anything, you will continue to have bad experiences that will cause you to make more poor judgments. Until you realize that, you will continue to suffer.

Everything we are exposed to in life presents us with another valuable lesson. Not only can you learn from your own experiences, but also the experiences of the people you surround yourself with. Sometimes these can serve as the most meaningful lessons since it allows you to observe behaviors from an objective standpoint.

“Well, we all make mistakes, so just put it behind you. We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us.”

Growth starts as soon as you recognize your mistake and how to prevent it from happening again. Everyone makes mistakes in life, this is normal, but how you learn from them is how you develop your judgment. The only way to prevent making a mistake a second time is to learn. If you don’t, you will be making that same error again and again until you are forced to learn.

“Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it's a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from.




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