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  • Below you will find food substitutions that will help you improve your diet and thus your health.
  • On Saturday I attended an online nutrition conference with presentations on various topics about nutrition and healthy lifestyle. I made notes from the conference and I will share them with you in near future.
  • Five things that you should not miss if you take your health seriously and you should buy them, especially if you find them on sale.

Five things to get during Sales

Blue light-blocking glasses - They will help relieve eye strain, especially if you work with screens for a long time. I never leave them, and when I don't wear them, I immediately feel the difference. They can also help you with sleep. I use the Gunnar Optics brand, which I bought 9 years ago and they still serve me well.

TRX suspension system - Great for training the whole body. It is cheap, easy to use, you can practice with it regardless of your level, so it is suitable for beginners as well as advanced. In addition, it is easily portable. Alternatively, I recommend gymnastic rings to help you exercise your upper body better.

Resistance bands - Another cheap and easily portable tool for working out anywhere. It provides resistance and is ideal in combination with TRX for strengthening the lower parts.

Multifunction pot - If you already have a rice cooker, fryer simply throw them away and replace them with a multifunction pot. It is an invaluable tool that will free your hands, time and I can guarantee that it will help you to lose weight. You can let it cook healthy food, go running and the pot will cook for you. In addition, you don't have to worry that even if you stay longer, there will be a disaster in the kitchen - it will turn itself off. In my opinion, this is the best investment in cooking. I have been using Klarstein multifunction pot for five years.

Scribd - Scribd is an online library containing a wide selection of books. I got to this service 3 years ago and I still use it, because I can find the latest titles and professional books, magazines such as Runners World, PC World, Entrepreneur magazine... They also added snapshots, which are short summaries of books up to 15 minutes short. If you use this link, you will get up to 60 days of free access.

Selection of best content

Best picks - What others like:

Random Recommendation

[TV Series] Stargate SG-1 - I mean, Stargate. I started watching it again for the thousandth time and I constantly find new things I relate to. Don't get discouraged by some less enjoyable episodes as it gradually improves. Even my mum who hated it at first approves now. :O

If you are a 25-40 y.o. active person looking to improve body composition, performance and health, you can apply now. Don't just blindly follow the next diet and learn how to fuel your body properly instead.

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