ChabadMatch Update

Adar Bet 5779 Edition 31

ChabadMatch: עכשיו בעברית!

We are excited to launch a Hebrew version of ChabadMatch in conjunction with the Adei Ad organization of Kfar Chabad. Fifty new Shadchanim from Israel will be joining the website and you can expect to see a lot of new profiles from Israel. The  Hebrew website is accessible at:

Another Successful Engagement!

Shadchan Shandel Blassberg relates: "I saw the Kallah's profile and when I looked for a match on ChabadMatch I saw a boy who I had known previously from 12 years ago when I lived in Jerusalem. It looked like a great match and Boruch Hashem they got engaged!"

Can You Find the Perfect Person

Rebbe letter reprinted from Chassidishe Derher

   The way I see your situation, and even in the way you describe it, I do not see any basis for fear, or even melancholy. To sum it up: You came to a country where the way of life is *extremely* different than the country where you grew up and were educated. Nevertheless, you succeeded in finding work that gives you satisfaction, in addition to livelihood. 

   Your parents are overseas, and you don’t have any relatives to work on your Shidduchim. Nevertheless, your relatives in spirit have helped you meet several Bochurim [and there were *certainly* some among them that were worth getting to know better, in order to see your feelings about a Shidduch *(unlike what you wrote)]* But—and this is the only issue that, *meanwhile,* is not okay: You wanted to meet someone in whom, at first sight, you will see all the possible qualities.

   [Obviously you never met him, because such a person doesn’t exist in our world] In other words: *Certainly* there are several suggestions that are worth looking into, including offers that have already come up and offers that will come up soon. But you must approach this like every single person does: A person knows that he isn’t absolutely perfect, and he therefore understands that the same is true regarding the person he is meeting—it’s only natural that the other person also won’t be utterly perfect.

   What you should think about—is whether he is good in the most important things. Regarding the secondary things—if it comes out good, then great, but it’s not a fundamental condition to the Shidduch. 
As soon as you decide to take this approach to Shidduchim—you will experience a fundamental shift. Your mood will get better, the issues will fall away, and, most importantly—you will find your match.

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