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Welcome one and all!

Welcome to issue Four of the Raven Weekly! 

A new weekly newsletter that highlights the artistic endeavors of Studio-Aegis, myself!

Greetings everyone! I hope you're all doing well this week! I've been primarily plugging away at fulfilling the Sketch rewards I offered up this past month.

I think I'm making good progress overall, though I really wish I had the energy and skill necessary to knock out at least 3 requests per day. We'll get there eventually... I hope. :p

This week I thought it might be fun to explore a bit of why "Red Riding Hood Orphan" is such an important figure in the lore, and how she becomes a major driving force of the conflict that the Crimson Dames find themselves in.

Orphan is unique among werewolves in my lore in that her lupine bloodline is uniquely unaltered or pure, genetically speaking, in stark contrast to the werewolves of "The Fang".

The Fang spent many generations subservient to the Vampire Nobility of the Gerewulf Family. The undisputed lords of all vampires, who resides far to the north of the "Forest Evermore".

Though the Fang Werewolves are fiercely loyal to their Vampire Lords, the Vampires own trust never went so far as to allow The Fang's rank to grow unchecked.

Thus they altered their loyal daylight protectors genetics to ensure that the werewolves numbers could never reach a point were the Vampire Lords couldn't assert dominance over them.

Thanks to this, Fang werewolves are now practically sterile, at least were passing their curse via bite is concerned.

Thus The Fang have to rely more on natural birth to bolster the ranks of their fighting force.

Though werewolf pups do mature to fighting strength far quicker than natural humans, its still far too slow to for The Fang to keep up their assault on the fiefdoms of the Eidolon Woods.

Victims of the Fang Bloodline typically have a 2 out of 10 chance of becoming a werewolf themselves, assuming they survive the initial mauling.

Orphan's importance in all this is that her particular bloodline has a whopping 8 out of 10 chance to pass her curse on to others via bite, and that's on top of her having essentially won the genetic lottery with her wolf form being magnitudes stronger than the typical Fang soldier.

Upon realizing Orphan's true potential, The Fang knew that she would be central to reversing centuries of manipulation at the hands of the Vampire Lords.

Normally The Lords of the Fang would never think of undertaking a task that so profoundly went against the grain of their masters will, but the order came from the Dark Lady herself.

Who is among the highest ranking of the Vampire Nobility. Thus Orphans plight became magnified in the ensuing genetic arms race of monster creation that started long before she was even born.

Sketch Rewards

And now here is a selection of some sketch rewards I completed over the past week!

Didn't quite hit my goal of 6 requests knocked out for the week, at least two of them took two evenings to complete.

I just can't seem to pull back from making the line work look as clean as I can. :\

Still though, I managed to knock out a good chunk of the sketch rewards I gave out last month.

Check out some of my previous Sketch Rewards?

Special Offers!
Pledge Exchange!

With Patreon having become very unreliable for creators of late I opted to move the bulk of my patron operations to my personal website.

Patrons who opt to switch their pledges from Patreon to my new set up on Studio-Aegis will also qualify for a Sketch Request!

Doing so will help your donations to stretch that much further by removing Patreon as an unnecessary middleman from our exchange.

I will also refund your first payment to ensure you don't get double charged. ^ o^

Fan Art Submission!

This weeks fan art submission is from the amazing Were-World!

Were-world has an great sense of anatomy, eye for detail, and is a great storyteller to boot!

Putting his works above and beyond many others working within the horror genre, especially among those in the werewolf niche.

Expect big things from Were-world in the future as he creates his "There's Something Wrong With Sue" horror comic. 

He's the sort of artist who just seems to run circles around me. XD Be sure to check out his creations and send some love his way!

This piece features my Red Riding Hood Orphan, mid transformation as she tries to escape a pack of Fang werewolves.

I especially love the detail with her elongating feet. Though the way he transforms his characters teeth really scraps against my body horror nerves. XD

A Gorgeous work overall!


Self Isolate in style! XD

I only make like $2-$4 per sale on these shirts but having my works out in the wild were they can be discovered by new fans is invaluable. ^ _^

Moonlit Transformation
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Novella Progress Report!

Writing is currently 15% Complete

  • First Draft is 20% Complete

Illustrations are 35% Complete

  • 20 illustrations complete or needing minor revisions.
  • 14 penciled waiting to be inked.
  • 10-20 currently being conceptualized.

Really Jonesing to get back to inking my current pic with orphan!


And that concludes issue Three of the Raven Weekly!

Don't forget I'm still seeking good questions to use in my F.A.Q. Page

Keep safe out there and be sure to do your best to aid those in need of a pick me up.

While we might not have the power to change the world all at once we can help make things better for those around us, even if just a tad.

The effort will eventually be reciprocated in kind as well. ^ _^ /

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