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Letters from Laura

December 2020

Introducing the Captured Blog, hosted on my new website

To write is to capture.  The moments. The beauty and truth. The heart.

See what captures your imagination at

New Poems: The Victoria Series
Excerpt from the Victoria Series


          I am cold to the touch

          A stone of a heart

          Shiny on the surface

          Murky in depths beneath

          But for Your Radiance

          Graciously dipping

          Fingers of light

          To wipe away silt

          Smooth edges

          In the pebbles

          You collect.

Read all three poems on Instagram

The sights of Victoria Park are inspiring. So are the audiobooks I listen to while walking. Pro tip: If you have access to Hoopla streaming through your public library, try it! Bonus pro tip: Colchester-East Hants Public Library in NS does!

FREE Hoopla Audiobook Collection
Click here for an inspiring audiobook about the full life God has for us

Desire by John Eldredge is a thought-provoking and enjoyable read. Often we can distrust our desires or be disillusioned with desire. What if we brought our desires to God, their Creator, instead of killing them or giving up on them?

in the Writing Loft:

My cat Smoakie stares me down during a writing session.

Both of us are surprised by what I'm writing.

He quickly returns to his own side business, and allows me to carry on.

Introducing my new furry muse: Percy the Golden Retriever
The simplest things flicker imagination.

Look around the place you're in. Name three objects you see. Two sounds you hear. One texture you feel. Now you've got the raw materials of a poem. Try your hand at one!

(I'll be writing about my pets a lot, as they always seem to be around when I write!)

Finally, in case you missed last month's gift...

Download my free short story "Twice for Good Measure"
Forever yours in word and in life,
Laura Aliese Miedema
Laura Aliese Miedema

20 Willow Street, Truro
Nova Scotia B2N 4Z4 Canada

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