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Temperatures outside are dropping, the Winter Solstice is near, as our 6th Newsletter arrives, bringing tidings of both joy and sadness. It's also a bumper issue, so grab a mince pie and a cuppa, and take a seat for the latest Last Chance Hotel news. Christmas is almost upon us, traditionally a time of giving, goodwill and merrymaking, and Team LCH wish you all a very happy time with those close to you, whether human, animal or both! A Christmas Day walk on the beach, or maybe the moors, if the weather is kind; presents for our pooches, lots of snuggles and maybe a special dinner for them. A relaxing, happy few days. At the same time we know that all too often the reality is just the opposite, for some people and animals, not least for the old and sick dogs which have been cast out of the home to make room for a young, new one. Sadly, this is very real, and it is left to rescues such as Last Chance Hotel to pick up the pieces. The good news is that we are here to help, not just dogs, but all animals in need. We can't save every one, but we do what we can with the resources we have at hand. Unfortunately, our doors are still pretty much closed to the pound hounds, through lack of funds, a shortage of desperately needed foster homes, and a surge in local dogs needing help. The oldies in our care require costly veterinary treatment, and we are preparing for the Christmas and New Year "dumping season". As always, we are very grateful for all donations, they make a real difference, and can mean a new and better life for some poor souls.


As 2016 draws to a close, we will catch up with some "Last Chancers", not only from this year but also previous years. Our very first newsletter promised lots of pics of dogs, so this month we are having a dog pic fest, a celebration of love, devotion, and hard work, on the part of our great team of volunteers, transporters, fosterers, adopters and fundraisers. First of all though, the monthly news.....

New Arrivals

Due to our doors being closed for the duration, the number of incomers in November was relatively small. Missy, a sweet, elderly SBT arrived from the pound, - she was very poorly, with pyometra, and had to undergo emergency surgery for this as well as a mammary strip. This poor girl has suffered and been through a serious operation because she was not spayed at an earlier age. She is still not yet out of the woods, but at least now has a chance of a decent life. Two handsome "long dogs" have also come in, Bandit and Larry. Bandit is a lurcher, and Larry is a Saluki cross, who needs a kind, patient person to help him overcome his fears, but is doing well so far. Mo's paws hardly touched the ground, - she has already found her forever sofa, and Archie and Olly the King Charles Spaniel pups are now ready for adoption. another Bandit, (a JRT dynamo!) is a private rehome. If you would like to follow the progress of all the incomers, check out our Facebook page and website lastchancehotel.org. We now have a special section for dogs under assessment; dogs are constantly being assessed in their foster homes and information changes regularly.

Still Waiting

Zola Labola needs someone extra special to go home with. She is a large Bull Terrier, 3 years old, full of energy and curiosity and enjoying the puppyhood she never had. She is a big lump of loving who has come a long way from her earlier life of abuse and fear aggression and now enjoys playing with dogs and people, once she gets to know them. She can still be a little fearful in new situations and needs confident adopters so she can look to them for reassurance and stability as they continue to socialise and train her. She needs an active home, ideally with another dog she can bond with, although that isn't essential. Somewhere out there is her new family, ready to help build her confidence and continue to show her that life can be fun, and humans can be loving.

If you think you, or someone you know, could be that special someone for Zola, please go to our website lastchancehotel.org or contact one of the team by email info@lastchancehotel.org

Happy Departures to New Homes

There were a few fast movers this month, who didn't spend very long on the "Adopt" posters. Chester, Mo and Marlow were lucky to meet up with their forever families soon after arriving in care. Husky Bella Boo's fosterer fell in love with her and decided to keep her. And Luna, a Husky/GSD cross, a private rehome, found her forever sofa with the help of LCH. We wish all these lucky dogs a happy life with their new families. What a fab Christmas they will have!

Did you know?

Are you doing any Christmas shopping online? Easyfundraising is a scheme whereby you can shop at many popular retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, and they will donate a small percentage (usually 1%) of your order to the charity of your choice, with no extra expense to you. It is easy to sign up, have a look at their website easyfundraising.com.

 Do you shop at Pets at Home? If you haven't already, why not join their VIP scheme, which is easy to do, and you can help raise funds for Last Chance Hotel every time you shop. Simply nominate the Bodmin or Pool branches and Last Chance Hotel. You don't need to shop at these branches to raise funds for LCH.

November Fundraisers 

Our Jumble Sale and Coffee & Cake Sale held on November 13th at Crofthandy was well supported, as ever, with loads of people popping down to browse, spend and have a coffee with us. Our very own Sue Hartley put on an impromptu fashion show by modelling various items of underwear, - but worn over her regular outfit! It was fantastic to see so many LCH dogs with their adopters, thank you so much for coming along.

The quiz held on the 6th November at the Bridge on Wool was great fun and over £200 was raised. Grateful thanks to Sarah Hargreaves, Michael Tott, Vivien Tott, Heidi Lawrence and all who came! 

A huge thank you to the children of Devoran School, who chose Last Chance Hotel to benefit from their 'mufti' day, when the children are allowed to leave their uniforms at home to wear clothes of their own choice, and donate to a charity for the privilege. The money raised, just over £165, was presented to Carolyn Harding, one of our home checkers, and her husband Desmond, by staff members and eight girls and boys representing the children. With Carolyn and Desmond were their own two rescue dogs, Archie and Bertie. Carolyn told the story of how they were saved when they, their mother and five other brother and sisters were found roaming lost in a French forest four years ago. The children were thrilled to hear the story of Charlie, LCH's adventurous lurcher, and her safe return after two weeks running scared and loose at Carnkie. The children also closely quizzed Carolyn and Desmond about the general work of the Last Chance Hotel in rescuing unwanted dogs and finding them new homes - maybe they will be the volunteers and fundraisers of the future?

If you would like to help LCH with a fundraising event, please contact the team with your idea on 01209 281159 or email Louisa on louisa@lastchancehotel.org. 

Happy Retirement Nigel, be seeing you....

A heartfelt message from our founder, Sam, on the 30th November:
"So today has finally arrived, today Nigel retires from Lamorna (House Veterinary Centre), after 40 odd years there, his whole working life devoted to Lamorna and the care of animals. I personally am absolutely gutted that Nigel is leaving, as for us at Last Chance Hotel, he has been an absolute dog send, supporting us and all our rescues. Nigel has watched dogs come into our rescue in appalling states and he and his team have nursed many from the brink, seen them strive and go off to their adoptive homes, he has also been there when we could do no more for them, Nigel has helped say goodbye with grace and peace, offering words of comfort to us, when needed. A more respected, dignified man, you could not ever meet. Hopefully we won't be saying goodbye to Nigel, we are hoping he will join the LCH team as a trustee, but if not, we hope to see him socially, and soon. Nigel is Lamorna, and Lamorna is Nigel. Thank you Nigel, for everything you have done for us at LCH, and for every creature that has come under your care, we will miss you... love Sam and all the Muttly Crew at LCH."

Stop press - Nigel has agreed to become a trustee of LCH!

Thank You!

North Country Garage and Fab Peeps

What can we say? After thousands of pounds worth of damage done to our charity wagon, by rodents, it is now fixed with new wiring, and all costs donated by Karen Gallagher of North Country Garage. As if that wasn't enough from these amazing generous people, they have now fixed the wagon again after it was hit by another vehicle whilst stationary, with no charge for labour costs and the MOT, so that the jalopy can be kept on the road, doing what it does best, transporting animals in need.
The parts for the latest fix came to just under £900, and following an appeal for help with this bill, three simply amazing people stepped forward to pay off a great chunk of it. They asked for anonymity, and we will respect their wishes, but what a fabulous and generous bunch of peeps we have in our supporters. "Thank you" doesn't really cover it, we are so grateful to Karen and the Magnificent Three for their help.

Autumn Harvest and Christmas Gifts

Massive thanks for the lovely donation from the GLO Vegan Autumn Harvest Potluck event at Truro on 28th October. Every penny donated is spent on the dogs in our care.

At the beginning of the month an email dropped into our inbox from the charity Give A Dog A Gift, offering us a donation/gift for one of our rescue dogs. A couple of weeks later we received a generous donation towards our vet bill, a beautiful gift indeed. Thank you so much for thinking of us. 

A huge thank you to Natasha Ridgment & Philip Chapman for the lovely donation received at the end of the month. Your support is very much appreciated.

Last Chance Hotel Christmas Cards

Now available, our fantastic Christmas cards, designed by the fabulous Helen Venables.
The lovely Milo the Ripper, Her Majesty Charlie Girl... and our new admin girl Tatty are the models.
For a (suggested) donation of £5 we will put 2 of each design in an envelope and post them to you.
All proceeds will be spent directly on rescuing and rehabilitating the animals in our care.
Please pay using the paypal address: 'paypal@lastchancehotel.org' (using the Friends and Family option) and make a note of 'Xmas Cards' in the comments box .. AND DON'T FORGET TO GIVE US YOUR ADDRESS! Thank you

Extra Extra! The Big News of the Month!

Exciting times ahead! By the time you read this, our new venture, The Last Chance Hotel Hub Shop, will be open in Redruth town centre, at 83 Fore Street. The Hub is not just another charity shop; it will serve as a community centre for information, advice and support for all pet related matters. There will be goods on sale, new and preloved, and coffee and cake in exchange for a donation. We feel there is a real need for a community centre like this, which will benefit not only owners, but their pets too. Donations of stock are gladly welcomed, as are volunteers to fill the slots to man (or woman!) the shop. Watch this space!

Rainbow Bridge

Poppet came in to rescue in November. She had been thrown from a van. One of her back legs was damaged as she had difficulty walking. Xrays at the vets showed a deeper problem, she had bone cancer, and it had spread to her chest. She was just too fragile. A heart wrenching decision was made, and she was set free to run with the hounds at Rainbow Bridge. RIP Poppet, you knew love when it mattered most.

Mr Jeeves came in to LCH in April this year and was adopted by Andrea soon after. He had been poorly with a stomach tumour, which had grown really quickly and although he was not in pain, he seemed to know the time was right.  Andrea feels very blessed to have had Mr Jeeves in their lives for these last six months. This is the last photo she took of him for their Christmas cards. Run free at the Bridge, Mr Jeeves.

Dates for your Diary

Sunday 11th December 2016

Annual Christmas Fayre at Crofthandy Village Hall, Nr St Day, TR16 5JQ 10am - 4pm. Stalls, refreshments, raffle, fun and lots of cake.

Come and meet the team!

Rescues Revisited 

This is what Last Chance Hotel is all about.......

Merry Christmas from the LCH Team and all the dogs!

More Rescues Revisited next month.......

Shay has his way.... a story from one of our adopters....

When we first got Shay, my husband said 'the dog's not going to be allowed upstairs'. That lasted about 10 minutes. 'He's not allowed on the bed', my husband said. That lasted until the following morning when I was told off by said husband for telling Shay to get off the bed because they were having cuddles. We have now progressed to 'I think Shay's getting a bit depressed staying downstairs on his own at night, I think he'll be happier upstairs with us', from the man who once insisted that there was no way Shay was going to be allowed upstairs. In fact, he couldn't sleep the night before last because Shay spent the night in our son's bedroom. No, he's not smitten with Shay at all......

Hardly any animal can look as deeply disappointed as a dog to whom one says no.

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Last Chance Hotel

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