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realKNX Air - 'No one will ever hear your voice but you'

realKNX Air - 'No one will ever hear your voice but you'

We're very proud to announce our latest product update realKNX Air. This release brings the next generation of voice recognition. It runs directly on-device, meaning no one will ever hear your voice but you. 

We have worked with to integrate their cutting-edge technology. Snips provides Private-By-Design, Decentralised Voice Assistant Technology.

realKNX Air with Snips

realKNX Air is an evolution of previous releases of realKNX, i.e. you get all the features:

  • HTML and app UI with remote connection via private url (
  • Plug & Play: All configuration is done with ETS, realKNX loads room and device names in run-time.
  • all UI is automatically generated, data logging is automatic, UI for scheduling is automatic.
  • voice control with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri.
  • remote control via Telegram Chat bot.
  • Node-RED automation and integration: super easy to automate with graphical programming interface, endless 3rd party open source modules.
  • Augmented reality (great help for people with disabilities)

realKNX Air


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