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Warm up for the wild winter

Dear Friends, October this year could be seen as a month in tragedies for Central Vietnam with severe damage about people and property caused by huge storms and landslides. But now, just take a coffee and read some pieces of news from us about the wild animals and conservation activities.

Rescue, Rehalibitation, and Veterinary activities

Rescued 3 Impressed Tortoises, 1 Water Monitor Lizard, a suspect was arrested for illegal trading many wild animal products 

On 7 October 2020, RRT of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife together with Pu Mat National Park rescued three Impressed Tortoises and an Asian Water Monitor from a confiscation by the Police of Anh Son District, Nghe An Province. A woman aged 41 was arrested for illegally transporting three dead frozen monkeys and keeping numbers of wild animal exhibits including 8 other dead frozen monkeys, 1 animal skeleton, 80 bear bile, 2 turtle shells, and many animals parts (maybe from wild boar and monkeys).

Rescued 1 Masket Palm Civet and 1 Chinese Ferret Badger in Yen Thuy

On 11 October, we rescued a Masket Palm Civet and a Chinese Ferret Badger from a hunter in Yen Thuy, Hoa Binh. The poor animals were put on a bag and the man was caught while carrying them out from the forest. Sadly, their health was so weak because of traps and guns, one could not survive after that. 

October 8

Rescued 2 pangolins and 4 other wild animals in Bao Loc

We supported Cat Tien National Park in rescuing six animals (2 sunda pangolins, 3 bamboo rats, 1 python) and transferred them safe and sound to the Park. All the animals are in good health now. Nguyen The Hoc (37 year old) - a bus driver was arrested by the Police of Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province for his illegal action.

October 29

One Python was handed over voluntarily by a local family

A family in Con Cuong district, Nghe An voluntarily handed over a python to us. The python is in good condition and staying in Pu Mat National Park now. Hopefully he can be released back into the wild soon.

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Rehabilitation - Is winter miserable for wild animals?

In the first days of winter, the animal enclosure spaces at SVW are warmed up by our skillful keepers. Heat lamps are turned on, straw and towels adds-on, enrichment items are made for the wild animals to be more active during this sleepy lazy season. 

We know that wildlife do have many ways in nature to endure the cold and survive through the bitter winter. But the wild residents in rescue center are different. They may got serious injuries, suffer mentally or physically wound because of scary past - being the victim of wildlife trade, the permanent residents have lost their natural wild behaviors. That's the cause for us to do all the enrichment and rehabilitation activities so that all animals are staying healthy to welcome the coming spring later.

Rest in peace, Mrs. B

This month, we say our last goodbye to our binturong, Mrs. B. Mrs. B came to SVW in 2010 and was rescued from Central Vietnam after being caught in a wildlife hunter’s snare trap. She was cared in a rescue centre at Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng rescue centre for quite a long time before being relocated to Save Vietnam’s Wildlife’s rescue centre. Mrs. B lost her right forepaw but her efforts made her be able to climb very well on the trees again. The vet team found that she got a mammary gland cancer to lungs, liver and spleen, and tried to save her life but  she could not make it. 

We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all organizations and individual donors who donated and adopted Mrs. B during her stay with us. All the remaining donated money from Mrs. B now is transferring to the husbandry and rehabilitation for 2 other permanent binturongs - Mr. B and Hoi An. 

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We got the X-ray images of the Masket Palm Civet who was rescued in early October. 4 lead bullets in a body, and many injuries, but the most serious one was the bullet in the spine cord that result the paralysis to the back limps and distress the respiratory system. Rest in peace, dear friend!

Another Chinese Ferret Badger rescued on the same day has been recovering very well. He was amputated the front right limp and a femoral facture on the right back limp was found in the x-ray two week later, He is able to reach out to the bigger areas in his enclosure now. Thank for your hard work, veterinarians.

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Education Activities
Conducting social survey about wild meat demand in Con Cuong, Nghe An

About 300 samples have been collected from restaurants and government officials in eight out of 13 communes to evaluate the demand for wild meat in the Con Cuong District, Nghe An province. The team will gather the last surveys in early November, then there will be data analysis process before we design a behavior change campaign for the wildlife demand reduction in the area.

Nghe An has always been recognized as one of the wildlife trafficking hotspots in Vietnam, we believe that this is a crucial step that Save Vietnam's Wildlife is leading to protect the wild animals and nature. 

Research activities

Attaching tracking devices to pangolins

The research team have disclosed that more pangolins are going to be released soon after rehabilitation in our centre. In preparation for that, we are attaching tracking devices to them and record their activities in our enclosures and semi-wild areas. Congratuations on you, "pengguling". Stay safe until then!

Community interview in U Minh Thuong

About 200 interviews of households in the buffer zone of U Minh Thuong National Park have been implemented to assess the threats to Sunda Pangolins, Hairy-nosed Otters and Fishing Cats populations and the conflicts among human and these animals in this area.  In the context that research about these species is still limited, the activity is contributing remarkably for conservation, specially leading the right track to save the animals in the most effective way. 

Training course: Data literacy

Our field researcher - Huyen had chance to attent a three week training course in the end of October. The course Data literacy operated by Pan Nature and Open Development Vietnam provided with her the methods to practice thoroughly the skills provided and be guided throughout the process and able to develop a project idea based on forest-related data. Huyen has learnt multiple up-to-date, open and free platforms and software for data processing and visualization such as OpenRefine, Tableau, Data wrapper, Flourish, Piktochart.

Site protection
Illegal hunting was still happening in the stormy month

Before storms hit Central Vietnam, we witnessed higher amounts of rainfall than ever, which made it hard for the patrol activities. There were many cases entering the forest illegally to harvest the bamboo for their daily meals, among them, we found a hunter bringing numbers of traps and a handmade guns also. A dead trapped red belly squirrel was found in our patrol.

On the rescue

Even many local people take advantage of rains for logging illegally. Total five new cut trees and six pieces of wood were marked by the anti poaching team and rangers. The deforestation men chose the old trees in the core of protected areas for cutting, which belong to the primary forests. We all know that logging is simple and quick, but it takes many life time for us for reforestation. 

On the rescue

In total,  18 people were forced to exit the forest. One hunter was recorded files as he carried hand-made guns and traps along. A homemade gun was confiscated, 9 traps and 11 illegal camps were destroyed. Five logging cases were found. 

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Professional volunteers
Paying Volunteers

We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all supporters and donors via our website and other channels. Thank you all for sharing the financial burden with us. Here is the list of our organization and individual donors in September and October 2020.

Organization Donors
7 Bridges Brewing Company Nashville Zoo
Action for Wildlife Organization National Geographic Society
Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V. National Zoo Australia
Alice C. Tyler Perpetual Trust Newquay Zoo
Australian Volunteers Nurtured by Nature
Bosua by BOO OAK Foundation
Catkin Media Ocean Park Conservation Fund
Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund Olsen Animal Trust
Croeni Foundation Riverbanks Zoo & Garden
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo SEGRE Foundation
Conservation International
David Shepherd Wildlife Conservation
Skyland Productions GmbH
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Synchronicity Earth
Denver Zoo Taiwan Forestry Bureau
Denver Zoo Explorer Post Taronga Conservation Society Australia
EAZA's Small Carnivore Taxon Advisory Group TH True Milk
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands The Biodiversity Foundation
Flying Pangolin Film The Mohamed bin Zayed
Fortuna Hotel The Zoological Society of London
Foundation SEGRÉ THU MINH and OTTO
Fresh house TRỐNG ĐỒNG
Friends of Tallinn Zoo US Fish and Wildlife Service
Future For Nature Adward USAID Saving Species
Global conservation force Vingroup
Global Wildlife Conservation Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V
Greater Goods Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust
Highlands Coffee Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release
Hong Kong Full Circle Foundation Wild Planet Trust
Houston Zoo WildAid
Humane Society International Wildlife Asia
International Otter Survival Fund Wildlife Conservation Network
Leibniz Institute For Zoo and Wildlife Research Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Life Science Diversity Foundation Wroclaw Zoo
Minara Nature Foundation Xuân Mai Group
Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative
Individual donors via our website
Jillian Rutherford Joshua Curnow Jillian Rutherford
Barbara Roberts Julia Vidal Barbara Roberts
Felix Schlieszus Patricia Quintanilla louisa jaskulski
Susan Cabral Tara Walsh Felix Schlieszus
louisa jaskulski Jason Dare AMY EMERSON
RENTSEEKER Music SHAO JU SHAN kim ratcliffe
Janet Anderson simon iveson Rebecca Abrahams
Nhu Nguyen Hannah Bancroft Melodie Matkin
Vi Vi Aida Mynzhasova Janet Anderson
Vi Vi Leila Goulet Kolotelo greville Jones
Vi Vi Steven Drayton greville Jones
Vi Vi Edith Vella Laura Edwards
Vi Vi Rachel Snedden Marlayna Gehrking
Laura Edwards danielle davis Elisabeth Ickelheimer
Elisabeth Ickelheimer Evelyn Baron Sarah Scherer
Fabian Geibert Gerardo Sanchez HO YAN CHUNG
Marlayna Gehrking Chris Ottewell holly regan-jones
Sarah Scherer Anna Clark Marten Seemann
Peter Thomas Daria Kosenko Laura Edwards
Laura Edwards A Amiri Peter Thomas
annie Beal Mick Baas annie Beal
Lucia Cervantes Kees Wassenaar Lucia Cervantes
Wiley Snell louise saunders Marvin Funke
isabel hunter chungsze chan isabel hunter
Dana Catterina Christine Jones Dana Catterina
georgette taylor Gabriele Hindemitt Joseph Flynn
Zing TV Christine Jones georgette taylor
Anne marie lebas Renie Spoelstra Zing TV
Peter Kettle Stephan Gonter Christi Saltonstall
dr.zippelius srl unipersonale Julia Morrison Peter Kettle
Katie Lorraine McCarthy Roland Page Anne marie lebas
AMY EMERSON Graydon Rodwell barbara bertani
Grant Stewart Anita Clemens Katie Lorraine McCarthy
Georgina Steadman emily milder dr.zippelius srl unipersonale
Helen Horsley Rosemary Barnes LE DUY NGUYET LINH
M Jay suzanne tarrant M Jay
Diane Kadomoto Neil Sengupta Helen Horsley
jeff kennedy Michael Erb Grant Stewart
Coral Keegan Julia Vidal Diane Kadomoto
Dinohoodie Joshua Curnow Georgina Steadman
Elizabeth Williamson Toan Phan Alexandra Howes
Alistair Leonard Patricia Quintanilla Alistair Leonard
Dirk Schils hazel m watts jeff kennedy
Rosamund Shannon Jason Dare Dinohoodie
Connor McBriarty simon iveson Elizabeth Williamson
Alistair Leonard SHAO JU SHAN Coral Keegan
deborah kramer Regina Müsgen William Horsley
richard roberts Hannah Bancroft Vicki Puluso
Sandra Fischbacher Aida Mynzhasova Michael Loveridge
Dan Gordon Zachary Dereniowski Alison Neil
Gilbert Martin Steven Drayton Dirk Schils
Carol Cushing danielle davis Eva Groen-van Ingen
Phillip Jupp Evelyn Baron annie Beal
Cathy Granholm Edith Vella Tristan Aumentado-Armstrong
Shi Ian Wong Gerardo Sanchez deborah kramer
Kimberley Evans Emma Green Alistair Leonard
Gwyneth Owen Chris Ottewell Rosamund Shannon
Lianne Anna Clark Geoffrey Denham
Owen Thomas Daria Kosenko Connor McBriarty
Nicholas Idle A Amiri Carol Cushing
Wesley Rieck Gabriele Hindemitt Keith Wibberley
ELISABETH KEY Adam Lotyczewski Dan Gordon
anne sanderson Christine Jones Victoria Scott
Elizabeth Forde Christine Jones Todd Flyr
Todd Flyr Stephan Gonter Owen Thomas
Theodore Stankowich Julia Morrison Angela McMaster
Angela McMaster Arndt Zengerling ELISABETH KEY
Michael Erb Theodore Stankowich Gwyneth Owen
emily milder Kimberley Evans anne sanderson
Anita Clemens Lianne
Rosemary Barnes Nicholas Idle
Ewen Hyde Claire Stratton
Toan Phan Wesley Rieck
Aida Mynzhasova Elizabeth Forde
hazel m watts


Individual donors via other channels
Vu Thanh Binh
Nguyen Tuan Khang
Tran Nguyen Khanh Vy
Tran Nguyen Anh Tu
Ha Linh Giang
Ha Duyen Duc Nam
Nguyen Vu Minh Ngoc
Hoang Gia Khoi
Nguyen Ha Linh
Lưu Gia Hà
Jay. J Park
Volunteers in October
Bùi Thái Dương Nguyễn Trung Hiếu
Nguyễn Sỹ Nhật Hoàng Bùi Nhật Minh
Nguyễn Hồng Đăng Nguyễn Đức Mạnh
Nguyễn Trọng Bình Minh Nguyễn Đức Anh
Nguyễn Hà Thái Đăng Nguyễn Quốc Thành
Nguyễn Quế Anh Ngô Thị Bích Quyên
Nguyễn Hà Phương Nguyễn Minh Tâm
Đoàn Đình Đăng Phan Phương Thảo
Phạm Việt Dũng

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