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March Newsletter
Fourteen animals were saved in a month
11 Sunda pangolins, two Chinese pangolins and one Chinese softshell turtle saved in one month

On March 20th, 2019, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife successfully rescued two Chinese pangolins from Song Thanh Nature Reserve, Quang Nam Province. Beside some minor injuries and dehydrated, they are in a good condition and now under our care at the rescue center in Cuc Phuong national park.

On 30th March, we rescued 11 pangolins and 1 Chinese softshell turtle at the Investigate Police division of Nghe An province. Those animals were found while being transported in a 24-seated bus on the way from Huong Son, Ha Tinh Province to Nghe An Province. We successfully transferred them to rescue center at Pu Mat National Park. All the pangolins were force-fed  and we lost one due to his bad health condition at the rescue site. The rest of them are being taken care at our center in Pu Mat national park.

Support food and medical care for the rescued animals
Good-bye Tam Dao

One of our resident Leopard cats, Tam Dao, passed away from primary kidney failure related to old age. Rip in peace, our great friend!

Tam Dao’s story:

Tam Dao was transferred to CPCP/SVW by the Vinh Phuc Forest Protection Department after being confiscated from a hunter in Tam Dao National Park. That time, Tam Dao was only two weeks old when she arrived at the Center and needed to be carefully looked after by the keepers. When growed up, she enjoyed sunbathing and relaxing on high branches of the trees in her enclosure, which made her being familiar face to visitors.

Without wild survival instincts only could be taught by her mother, Tam Dao wouldn’t be able to return to the future. She had lived in our center for 10 years. 

Welcome a new member to the otter family and given him a name

This baby otter was transferred from Police of Hanoi to SVW at the end of January. At that time, he had diarrhea and was still in the bottle-feeding. He now starts eating fishes and we slowly introduce him to the adult otters.

Out of five given names by the keepers, vets, and volunteers, there were 90% of people fond of “Fishcake”, which means “Bánh cá” in Vietnamese. We will update you with more information about Fishcake.

What a great learning exchange for the Vet team!

Two vets from the University of Edinburgh, Heather Bacon and Jess Davies delivered training in anesthesia, diagnostic imaging, and surgical techniques, and learned from the Vietnamese Vet team about the health and husbandry of captive pangolins, and other small carnivores. They also donated an ultrasound machine for the vet clinic. Thanks to them for their great contribution to SVW!

Collaboration brings the best out of us
The vet team met with representatives from the other rescue centers (TCC, EPRC, FP) to discuss shared capacity building goals, struggles and resource sharing. A collective group has been formed between the vets and more discussion is underway to become more effective in how we operate veterinary facilities in Cuc Phuong National Park.


New houses are constructing for a better welfare of rescued animals

Within the re-training framework for the small-clawed otters of the Center, we began to construct an enclosure area of more than 100m2, which consists of 3 cages. It is expected that the enclosure will be completed in April 2019. This is an important step in restoring the natural behavior of the Small-Clawed Otter, before being assessed for its viability to be released back into the wild. Individuals with high feasibility of being released will be reintroduced into the wild, those are not will remain in captivity for education purposes.

The CPCP has upgraded and initiated the use of two breeding areas for civets with an area of more than 200m2. The enclosures area is equipped with cleaning and boot changing area for the staff to ensure biosecurity in the animal living zone. The enclosures are an additional and important enclosure for the conservation breeding activities for the Owston’s civets which is globally threatened

And new toys installed in their house

To enhance the vitality of captive animals at the center, a series of habitat enrichment activities have been implemented at CPCP. The materials which are used to enrich are only natural materials found within the CPCP area. Many animals, especially the Binturongs, that have been kept in captivity for a long time, have responded positively to the enrichment tools.

Fruit ice-cream for the binturong

An enrichment tool the binturong

Public event

Fundraising event on Earth Hour Day with BOO

SVW participated in the event "Tat den – Bat y tuong" (Switch off the light- Switch on idea) organized by BOO on March 30 in Hanoi. The event is accompanied by the ambassadors, artists, business partners of BOO, the media and more than 10,000 young people love the environment.

It is also the beginning of fundraising campaign which Boo company is organised to raising fund to support rangers of Pu Mat national park. Each ranger will get 50,000 VND for a day of patrolling in the forest.

Law enforcement in Pu Mat

Workshop to strengthen law enforcement in Pu Mat National Park

Pu Mat NP and SVW organized a meeting on 18th March 2019 to discuss how to improve law enforcement and increase the effectiveness of collaboration between government rangers and Anti-poaching team. The workshop has discussed the achievement and issues of law enforcement in Pu Mat national park in the last one year. As a result of the workshop, everyone agreed that the anti-poaching will spread out to each of ranger station to support patrol. The smart patrol planning team is set up to coordinate all patrolling activities of the park.

In the past 8 months, the Anti-poaching Team in collaboration with the forest rangers removed 3,101 traps, destroyed 327 camps, arrested 117 poachers and confiscated 25 guns.

Here is some highlight anti-poaching achievement in March 2018:

Staff capacity building

Learning and sharing to reduce wildlife demand

Some members of Education & Outreach team attended four workshops in March.

March 4-8, 2019, Ms. Yen Le - our Community – Based Project Coordinator attended the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (#YSEALIecoTourism) organized Eco & Sustainable Tourism Workshop, a U.S. government-funded program.

Throughout the Workshop, she has learned showcase projects, observe successful ecotourism ventures, receive mentorship, explore opportunities to expand their work, and exchange ideas on how to develop environmentally and socially responsible tourism initiatives in her communities.

- Nga Nguyen and Linh Do,, attended a conservation education workshop to learn about the planning and evaluation process of educational programs, host by San Diego Zoo Global and support from the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria (WAZA) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Monday 11th to Thursday 14th March 2019.

- Huong Dao (Behavior Change Project Coordinator) and Linh Do joined the Workshop on IWT demand reduction ‘Approaches to reduce demand for illegal species and products’ on 25-26th March 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) team in the UK Government’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) hosted.

The youth is playing their roll

Pangolin Photo Exhibition at University

Young Conservationists Club, a group of college students from Vietnam National Forestry University, made a photo exhibition to raise awareness of the student about pangolins and its threat, in order to inspire young people in helping save the pangolins before it's too late.
The exhibition was held on 6 March at the sub entrance of Vietnam National Forestry University and welcomed many students as well as residents living nearby to visit.

Organization Donors
Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V Vingroup
Taronga Conservation Society Australia Houston Zoo
OAK Foundation Highlands Coffee
Olsen Animal Trust US Fish and Wildlife Service
Nashville Zoo Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Future For Nature Adward Friends of Tallinn Zoo
Synchronicity Earth Ocean Park Conservation Fund
The Zoological Society of London EAZA's Small Carnivore Taxon Advisory Group
WildAid Alice C. Tyler Perpetual Trust
Wildlife Conservation Network Minara Nature Foundation
The Biodiversity Foundation Wroclaw ZOO
Humane Society International Denver Zoo Explorer Post
Riverbanks Zoo & Garden Greater Goods
Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release
Global Conservation Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V.
Fondation Segré
Individual Donors
Abingdon School Internet Enterprises LLC
Adam Eisele Isabel Hunter
Alina Gordon by C. Wick Jacoba Kaufman
Alistair Leonard Janet Anderson
Amanda Dunn Janet Eddleston
Andrew Wolstenholme Jeff Kennedy
Anita Clemens Jennifer Peers
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Annie Beal Jimmy Helgesson
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Grant Stewart Tim Wells
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Hazel M Watts Thai Nguyen
Heidy Davis Theodore Stankowich
Helen Horsley Vu Kieu Chau Loan
Helen Whittle Yen Truong
Holly Regan-Jones Ziv Szlingerbaum
Huong Nguyen

Thank you for your generous donation. You couldn’t have done so much without you! You provide food, healthcare, joy and hope to our precious wildlife through your great support!

See you next month!

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