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"Intentions create reality, thoughts are energy."

Hi , what's been happening with you? I hope you managed to soak up some of the sunshine we've been having or are you more of a dancing in the rain type?

This week I have a jam packed HUGE email for you (they won't be like this every time.) I've been busy doing lots of planning and creating based on your feedback and I've now created a suite of programmes that I think should be accessible to many of you and also keep me working 😉 I'm super excited!!

I've partnered with some amazing brands too. Below you will find a snippet of each programme, do click the links to find out more about each of them and of course, feel free to ask me questions to find out which one would suit you best.


I still have a few spots left so if you'd like to come along, I've honoured the lowest price for sharing a twin room at £800pp instead of £932pp - the code for this is below. 

I also have 2 spaces at a super low price and this is because it's based on 3 ladies sharing a bathroom at £600pp. If you'd like to book this place, please reply to this email so that I can give you the discount code to apply at checkout.

This week I want to talk about trust. I took a cab recently for an hour's journey in the daytime and thought nothing of it. I was in the cab gabbing on the phone until we reached the destination. I had no idea where I was as I was going somewhere new. The cab driver stopped for me to get cash out to pay him. I then left and went to my destination. Then I took a minute to relive what just happened. I did not remember a single thing about the journey. I barely knew what the driver looked like and certainly didn't know his name. I didn't tell my husband where I was going either. I blindly trusted the man to take me to my destination without even thinking about what else could have happened. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who this has happened to. It got me thinking...why do we blindly trust services that we actually barely have any protection from yet we struggle with trusting our friends, family and other services? Understandably, we haven't been hurt by the cab service and may have been hurt by others so it makes it harder but surely this is questionable? I'm interested in knowing what you think about this. Trust is a big topic and we all have different benchmarks for trusting others so I'd be interested to hear any thoughts or experiences you've had.

The other topic I want to talk about is Energy. One of the areas I work on with your wellbeing is energy and this usually relates to the physical side of your life. Over the last couple of weeks though, I've noticed a more vibrational energy shift occurring in me and I think I might tweak this element in my practice to incorporate it into my programmes. My physical energy was fine, I've been moving more (I'm a stone down now) 🙌 but I noticed that my mood was super low. I found myself exhausted but I didn't necessarily need to be. Everything was the same as it always is. Once I meditated on it, on my way to the very thing that was exhausting me, I realised that I had been giving too much away and that energy was affecting the way I felt about everything. It took me a good two weeks to get out of this funk. I noticed that I wasn't sleeping well, I was craving a lot of sugar, I wanted to stay in bed longer, I was irritable, I had very little patience and I was in a state of worry - when I didn't really need to be. I was having mini exhaustion! I wrote about this a while back, so have a look again to see if you might be going through it too. It can creep up on you and even the most aware can be affected. There are tips in this post but most importantly, if something, even just one thing in your life seems a little off, stop, take stock, reflect and see what might be affecting you. What you put out is what you get back, so make sure that you're putting out what you want back in your life.

There's a new blog post too - Can you really achieve work-life balance? 

Have a fab week and lots of love

Puja x

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Below you will find the core programmes I host to help with your goals. Every member of Coach &GO Mail will receive exclusive discounts to all my programmes. Just use the code associated with the programme when you checkout.

Defining Work-Life Balance

The Clarity Hour cuts through all the wellness noise and helps you define what works for you and what you actually need to be doing in order for you to truly live well. Hosted once a month.

Discount Code: CHM30

£30pp £45pp
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1 Day Intensive

A perfect blend of intensive coaching to get you moving towards your goals and some much needed self-care and pampering to relieve stress and bring you back to centre.

Discount Code: FUW100

£550pp £650pp
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Transformation Programme

This 6 week programme is ideal if you have lots on your plate, are trying to juggle work and family life, trying to achieve your personal goals as well as improve your wellness but are either confused about what to do, what’s working or want to know how to move your goals forward.


Discount Code: FU6M50

£625pp £1250pp
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4th - 9th September

5 nights Yoga, Pilates & Coaching

Escape the stresses of daily life, balance your mind and body and re-treat yourself to better well-being. Rate below is for a place in a twin room.

Discount Code: FURS480

From £800pp 932pp
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I'm here for you hun.  

Lots of love xx

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