Celebrating Ultra Success in 2017

Enjoy Our 2017 Highlights

Kids Business Awards

We proudly awarded over 40 children and young people to acknowledge their business and entrepreneurial efforts and achievements. Believe us, anything is achievable!


Over October half term, Ultra took to ExCel London alongside The Next Step, The Basil Brush Show, KIDZ BOP and more. Each child left knowing their Ultra Superpower. Click image for gallery.

Ultrapreneur Art Expo

The first-ever Ultrapreneur Art Expo is a celebration of entrepreneurship through art, held to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Julian 'The Ultrapreneur' Hall's book Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur: 100 Ways To Up Your Game. Click image for video.

Ranveer tops his game

Schoolboy Ranveer Singh Sandhu is known as the UK's youngest accountant and started reading financial literacy aged 9. Click image for article.

Anya bakes her way to success

Meet Anya, founder of Marvellous Marples the gluten free, vegan and sugar free cakes and bakes company. Click image for video. FOLLOW: https://www.facebook.com/MarvellousMarples/

Andre's fashion frenzy

Andre is 16 years old and he runs his own successful fashion label, Hustlers Prosper clothing line. Click image for video. FOLLOW: https://www.instagram.com/hustlersprosper_clothing/

Jasmine Redman colours

Founder of Adventureville, the hand drawn colouring book to help adults and children colour their way to calm. A multi-award winning entrepreneur, Jasmine is a an amazing example of doing what she loves and making money from it. Click image for video.

Some of our top articles

This year, we saw Julian Hall as "The Man On A Mission" tell Forbes that  "Entrepreneurs Are Made, Not Born", had Ultra Education included on the TV show, Wright Stuff discussion about "teaching entrepreneurship in schools"; and featured the first Ultra Art Expo feature on London Live!

Bring on 2018...

Kids Business Fair

Our annual event showcasing entrepreneurial kids and young people, selling their products and services. A unique platform which Ultra Education creates for young entrepreneurs to live by our ethos - "Make money doing what you love".

Birmingham Taster Session

FREE taster session for children and young people to experience our entrepreneurship workshops - to see how they can do what they love and turn it into a business! 

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