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I know this week has been surreal for a whole lot of us and my heart goes out to all of you struggling to understand everything. I know I can't seem to make sense of it either, but there are some things I do know.

I know that we can get through this with a little hope, a lot of patience, and even more love and understanding. Home-schooling has been a new addition to my own household and every day has been an adventure to say the least.  

I never expected to be a teacher, and where I do love my children beyond reason, teaching them requires a temperament I am not sure I have, but am endeavoring to provide for them. Lord knows, I am only human and I am bound to make mistakes, but I won't stop trying. I can promise my kids that much.

Now, I'd like to take this opportunity to send a big THANK YOU to all of you educators and folks who work with kids every day. You are amazing and missed.  And for those of you struggling with illness, or just getting to the store, you are in my thoughts and prayers. 

Remember to be kind during this trying time as it goes a long way. <3

Back to the bookish portion of my newsletter...

Working with the kiddies home is not easy, but I am trying. In an effort to keep us all sane and entertained, I have a few freebies and sales going on as do many other authors I know, so stock up and keep reading. 

Thank you all so much for staying tuned to my newsletter and for following my blog on my website and social media. There are some giveaways and games on there right now and I hope you will enter and participate. 

Now, I have some books for you to check out below.  I hope you like them.

God bless. 

Happy Reading.

del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri


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Polar Outbreak sneak peek...

Tagline: "She's looking for a mate who can handle all of her. He's the only Bear who can!"

Blurb: Locke Nanouk is one big Polar Bear Shifter. At seven-feet three-inches tall and half as wide, he towered over most everyone he met. The largest of his fellow triplet brothers, he was used to being the odd man out. He never thought he'd fit in, especially not in Barvale, New Jersey where the local female population tended to run towards petite. Everywhere he went, women just seemed intimidated by him. As such, Locke never imagined he'd find a mate of his own. Until she walked into his life.

Nita Jacobs is a Black Bear Shifter, a member in good standing of the Barvale Clan, and a woman looking for her mate. Dating wasn't easy for the six-foot tall small business owner. In fact, the curvy female was having a hell of time finding a Bear who was man enough to handle all of her. She was starting to think she'd be single forever, until she runs smack into her mate on the one night she finally agrees to go out with her friends. But what's a she-Bear to think when her mate tucks tail and runs from her? Determined to claim what's hers, she launches a campaign to win her man.

Bundle up Barvale, there's a polar outbreak headed to town!

A Message from one of The Devlin Brothers…

Hello Party Bears!

This is your Clan Keeper, Taylor Devlin. Krissy and I want to thank all of you who sent well-wishes for our new cub

My brothers and I are super psyched to announce all spring break activities on Lake Ursa are a go for all of us homebound Bears. The new Barvale Clan Enforcer Security Unit will be in charge of the week long festivities. However, please be advised you need to apply for a permit to camp overnight on the lake. Also bring trash bags and take home your mess! Otherwise Marcus, our esteemed Alpha himself, will be knocking on your doors.

Now, we’ve got some local vendors and artisans setting up tents and trucks serving food, desserts, and all sorts of goodies. Among them is our new small business owner and valued Clan member, Nita Jacobs. You might have seen her over at Bear Claw over the last few years, but if you want to see her now, you’ll have to stop by her new store, Honey Sweet Creamery, on Main and 3rd for an icy sweet treat.

Our Clan’s safety is always of the utmost importance. If you see or hear anything suspicious contact the Enforcer Security Unit immediately. There will be a clean-up bonfire on the lake the last Sunday of the week, don’t forget to sign up for a time slot. Bear Claw Bakery will be providing food and drinks to the volunteers.

If there are any questions, feel free to send an email, make a call, or drop in to see us at the Den or the store. If us Devlin boys are not at home, you can bet your fur we’re with our mates or our cubs at our newly renovated park. Drop in anytime.

Thank you and here’s to a bright spring for us all,

Taylor Devlin, Barvale Clan Keeper and co-owner of Bear Claw Bakery Inc.


Locke Nanouk sat back on his hind legs as he wandered through that part of the woods behind the enormous cabin he and his brothers shared. Now that spring was near they would have to be even more cautious when running through the forest in their fur.

Polar Bears weren’t exactly thick on the ground in the Garden State, but Barvale was their home now. His Bear was the largest of the four Shifters who’d moved to New Jersey a few years ago. Bowie, his cousin was their unofficial leader, and with his two brothers, the Nanouk triplets made up the rest.

It had been something of a dream really. Finding a Clan to take them in and give them sanctuary after being banished from their old Alaskan Clan. Those fuckers were nothing but a bunch of bigots. After their parents had died, there was nothing left to tie the brothers there anyway.

They’d pledged themselves to their cousin and travelled with him all the way to the Barvale Clan. It was just dumb luck that Bowie, Locke, Bolder, and Tonic fit in so well. The mostly Black Bear Clan was welcoming, open, and well-run by the Devlin brothers.

All four Polar Bears were trained and given trial periods before officially becoming Clan. Now that they were, they made up the Enforcer Security Unit. That meant Daniel Devlin, the Head Enforcer, was their immediate boss.

That guy was a serious badass, but he’d mellowed a bit since he and his mate, Lacey, had had their first cub. Still, Locke respected the guy. Even if he was a Black Bear. Still, working for the owners of the famous Bear Claw Bakery had its perks. Like the six honey buns Locke had for breakfast.

The Barvale Clan Shifters were mighty, but none could come anywhere near the size and strength of Locke’s enormous Polar Bear. Come to think of it, he also towered over every single one of the residents of the South Jersey town when he was in his human form too.

Something he usually relished, but just lately it was giving him hell. With Bowie mated, Locke had been thinking. It sure would be nice to have someone of his own, but who could love a big lug like him?

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Daily news
Runaway Tess (The Nursing Diaries Book 4) by JM Spade
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Academy of Magic: Collection of 13 Tales
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Case: 0: A Sci-Fi Mystery (Annalise Storm Chronicles Book 1) by May Freighter
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Menopausal Magic: Purely Paranormal Pleasures by P. Mattern

A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel by P. Mattern 

published with Purely Paranormal Pleasures 

*formatted by Amanda Kimberley

*cover design by C.D. Gorri <3

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Hunting the Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Fairy Tale Retelling (Fairy Tales with a Bite Book 1) by Anna Santos
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Vampire Lover by C.D. Gorri

Terrence Davies never dreamed he’d be worthy of finding his true mate, then Daisy moves in. Is the sexy normal ready for a Vampire lover?

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