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the environment creates Man, cities are harmful

Sometimes I feel like becoming a Sadhu, but I still have responsibilities for others, especially my daughter.

You have probably already seen one of those Indian pseudo-gurus who take advantage of the gullibility of Westerners to do their small business, selling a spirituality mixture with a protestant hyper-emotional sauce.

There are people who can listen, and others who know how to see. I invite you today to discover Ella Maillart, journalist, writer and Swiss photographer.

"Spirituality is not found in books, you have to live with the wise and stop talking"

A female version of Tintin, who traveled to Asia in the 1930s (she partly followed the same path as Tintin in Tibet, so obviously, as a child that I am, I couldn´t resist).

In 1939, she drove from Geneva to Kabul, and when she heard the news of the war in Europe, she decided to stay in India. She has written several books that I have not read, but in both interviews I watched, she explains a number of very accurate things about spirituality that I have already mentioned here, learned from Hindus and Tibetans.

(She seems not to have fallen into the errors of an Alexandra David Neel, who published indeed exciting travel stories, but her propaganda with Blavatsky sauce have multiplied the confusion and general ignorance about Tibet).

Unfortunately, I couldn´t find any video in English, but the first video (1h23) has interesting images from 1930-50.

The second is shorter (43mn) and gives other images and very respectful opinions, like:

"A stranger who arrives in an unknown country is the first polluter"

And so, in 1940 she went to Ramana Maharshi.

A real wise man.

When asked what spiritual instruction should be given to people, he replied:

"It depends on the temperament and the spiritual maturity of the individual. There can be no mass instruction »

"To transform oneself is to transform the whole world. The sun is shining, quite simply. Because it shines, the whole world is full of light. To transform oneself is a way to give light to the whole world. "

So who am I?

Here is a free pdf in English to download (he died in 1950, so mind the other charlatans who made him a business) and here on the right side of the page are some other quotes like:

"All that is required of us to realize our true Being is to make Silence. What' is easier? "

And of course from silence comes music
And serenity, for example on a 10-beat rhythm (10/4) in my

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