Happy Hill 3: Roots and Roads

Written by Joe Mulvey/Rich Douek.
Artwork by Joe Mulvey
Colors by Rich Sotomayor

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"In Happy Hill, just like life, it's important to always stay on the path."

You wouldn't want to live there...

The elderly matron's quip at the beginning of part 3 is telling in many ways. Happy Hill is a horror story that contains the theme of 'paths' or roads (even shoots and tubes): a conduit that leads one towards a destination.

Wyatt, a news reporter and Thea, an undercover F.B.I. agent seek to unravel the mystery of the 'Wudsman' surrounding the Happy Hill resort. All the while a little girl has gone missing. Mulvey and Douek accomplish a tricky task of weaving these inter-related story lines into a cohesive whole. The paths may converge at a future date, but for now they remain fairly loose.

... AND it's not a nice place to visit either!

There's not a whole lot I can talk about in this issue without giving away the story. There's some interesting uses of overlapping colors and textures (food with violence) that convey a sly sense of the ironic. There's a sense of the supernatural that percolates in an understated background. Happy Hill as a place -especially after dark- isn't just another rustic back-to-nature resort, it's dark and devious.

More to come...

I'm sure to see more of the 'Wudsman' in future issues. This one seemed more about setting things up, letting the passage of time build tension. Once you've gone down this path there's no turning back.

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