A Busy August!

There has been so much happening in the last couple of weeks! I had two launches (Promise of Redemption and the box set Wicked Rogue of Mine), two Facebook takeovers, and my son was home with me all day every day as we were potty training! I promise I won't get more into that, however -- that's not what you're here for.

Anyway, we are back on track with our regularly scheduled content, which includes historical fun facts. I was remiss in sharing with you last week! These are from my research while writing Promise of Redemption, as you may notice if you’ve read it.

(Side note -- if you haven’t downloaded yet, today is the last day I will have it at $0.99 so pick up your copy now! You can also always read free in Kindle Unlimited.)

Before we get to our facts, however, please make sure you scroll down to our weekly read. Of special note, S. Cinders is giving away a free audiobook copy of Made for Maddie, the first book in her series. All you have to do to enter is click on the link to her box set (no purchase necessary). One random winner will receive the audiobook.

Our first historical fact is a bit depressing, but it does show how far we've come in two hundred years. In Promise of Redemption, our hero, Daniel, provides justice and shelter for women and children who are threatened, especially by their husbands or fathers. Women had nearly no legal rights in the early nineteenth century. Not only did most women marry husbands chosen by their parents, but a woman's husband took control over any income and property, and could even keep her from seeing her children if he wished. A woman had very little options for divorce, and any option was very expensive. In the mid-1800s, one woman, Caroline Norton, was the force behind significant change. When she divorced an abusive husband, he kept her from her three sons. Her story is one of significant struggle, but she helped make life better for so many women, as she was instrumental in creating laws such as the Child Custody Act of 1839, the Matrimonial Act of 1857, the Infant Custody Acts of 1873 (and 1886) and The Married Women’s Property Acts of 1870 (and 1882).

Onto something lighter....

By the Regency era, bookstores and lending libraries were becoming quite popular. Not only was reading one of the main entertainments of the day, but more of the population was becoming literate. Books were relatively expensive, so only the upper classes were usually able to afford them. However, circulating libraries and subscription libraries offered fiction, newspapers, magazines, studies and more for a fee instead.

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Dawn, dazzled by the handsome earl, has several reasons for staying with him. Pretending to be Eleanor Gardyn, lost heiress to Haven Hall, begins as a fun means to upset the earl’s enemy, but when memories begin to tug at her, everything becomes much more serious. As she falls heavily in love with Gervaise, she starts to believe that happiness might be possible. Until the earl’s prospective bride arrives at the castle.

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