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Newsletter - October 2020

Halloween cancelled?

Welcome to our October newsletter. Normally at this time of year the media and shops would be littering us with reminders about Halloween but things seem to be quieter this year don’t they? Personally I'm quite pleased to not have to dress up or attend Halloween parties the year! What’s your view?

If you are missing the Halloween ‘festivities’, all is not lost! Next week on the 5th of November it’s ‘WinOps Lite’, the virtual conference. Prism are proud co-organisers of the event and I am really pleased with the speaker line up. Check out the details below.

In current affairs I have been really pleased to see organisations pledging to repay their furlough money. What a positive message for the UK industry! Hat’s off to the likes of Dunelm, Taylor Wimpey, Bunzl, Redrow and many more companies for doing so.

In other news, I loved this article on Microsoft’s underwater datacentre proof of concept. What a genius idea to “provide lightning-quick cloud services to coastal populations and save energy.” Check out the article here

This month we decided to go there with my blog suggesting an answer to ‘What is DevOps?’. Check it out and feel free (dare I ask?) to let me know your thoughts and views on the topic! 

I hope you had a great October and I look forward to catching up with you next month.


Did you receive some biscuits?

Are you back in the office? We sent some biscuits out earlier this month as welcome back gift for those returning to the office. 

We have a few left - get in touch and we'll send you one straight away! They're very yummy!

WinOps Lite 2020

WinOps Lite - 5th November 2020


Join us at WinOps Lite 2020, for an afternoon of (virtual) talks and sharing experiences about 'DevOps in a Windows World'.

Full details on

With talks from:
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Peter Mounce

Build and Release Engineer at Impropable

Michael Levan

Developer Advocate at Octopus Deploy

Brent Beer

Senior Solutions Engineer at GitHub

April Edwards

Azure Advocate & Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft

Steve Thair

Co Founder & CTO at DevOpsGroup

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With thanks to our 2020/2021 Sponsor: Octopus Deploy 

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Latest Blog
What is DevOps?...

There are various camps in the industry, all with strong views on the topic. To weigh in on the debate we first need to explain what DevOps means. 

Check out our latest blog to find out!

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WinOps London

WinOps Lite - 5th November - 13:00

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London DevOps

Save the date: 10th November - 18:00

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Industry News

Snowflake's IPO

We are excited about Snowflake's data warehousing solution making a big splash this month in it's IPO due to its next generation way of storing data in the cloud. It allows complete elasticity in your virtual warehouse to allow data to run faster and thus provides easy functionality to scale and scale down your extra compute as needed allowing greater efficiency. It's multi-cluster architecture allows warehouses to stop dependency and concurrency issues allowing each warehouse to work autonomously to let Data professionals access the resources they need.

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