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Best Sellers August

The Happiest Man on Earth

New titles dominated the top of the August Best Seller list. “The Happiest Man on Earth” took the no.1 spot this month with 1586 sales. 

“The Yield” moved up two positions to take 2nd place with 1428 sales (-202). Third position went to “Midnight Sun” Stephanie Meyer’s new release.

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We have been anticipating the figures this month wondering what they would be like given the lockdowns in Victoria. Amazingly there is little difference in NZ or AU compared to August last year. Web traffic however is massively up.

Sales compared to last year Jul / Aug

  • Australia: +18/-1.8%
  • New Zealand: +24/-1.3%

System traffic

  • 2.7 million page views in July vs 8.5 million in August. Interestingly sites on the new r4 servers are getting far more hits. We assume the increase is being driven by lockdowns. 

Development in August

In August we rolled out the Z-off movers function that limits what you see in movers to what sold following the last time you posted movers. There is also a new website checkout to try, progress on bulk web order fulfilment, improved POS search, stage 1 of the Xero upgrade, lots of system and infrastructure upgrade work and the beginnings of the next upgrade - rails 6! (No rest for the wicked).

In progress

  • Item base web order fulfilment to make filling web orders faster and easier
  • Infrastructure and system upgrades
  • Deal improvements

See all Improvements in August here. Email support if you would like to try the new website checkout. 

Using wishlists and notify me to get more online customer orders

The Lockdown relief swing (across the road from home)

A few shops are using the recently improved wish list functions to get more customer orders. See how they are doing it. Read more

The Lockdown relief swing (across the road from home)

Now that we washed our hands, how the fuck do we get them out Dan?




The Lockdown relief swing (across the road from home)


Kahlo embracing the face mask Kiwi-style.

Warwick Schaffer


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