Only 15 days had passed since I sent you an email, and it's already feeling like a month. Many of us are in self-quarantine or lockdown, and we are all spending more time at home. I wish you all safe and in good health in such hard times.

I have been very busy lately working on The Decisions Academy, and today I will keep you busy too.

I am thrilled to share with you my exciting news; The Decisions Academy is finally up and running,

The Decisions Academy is a premier training platform for individuals that are interested in making great decisions in life and work.

There are now two courses available:

  • How to make great decisions - Mini-course

The definitive guide to making great decisions in life and work in less than 30 minutes

It's available now to enroll for FREE.

  • How to make great life-changing decisions

The complete guide to making big decisions using Anchor System Thinking

It's available now as presale with a 50% deep discount for the first 50 enrollers.

Use coupon "HALF50". The course is coming on the 1st of May and earlier for coupon holders.

Being part of my newsletter, you are one of few to know about this coupon and offer.

Hope to see you at The Decisions Academy.

A. I. Shoukry

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