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Greetings from Austin, TX, where the hot hot heat of summer seems to have finally given up the ghost. Great timing, too, because the novel I'm currently working on is set in Austin in the fall, and I've been able to draw much inspiration from the season.

Between writing sessions, I've been doing a lot of reading across both the sci-fi and fantasy genres. So I've got a few reading recommendations for you today, plus a giveaway from Sci-Fi Bridge.


This week's science fiction novel features a near future where Saturn and its many moons have been colonized and become the new frontier.

If you enjoy near-future space opera like The Expanse, then give Bastion Saturn a try.

Career scoundrel/petty-thief Caleb Day finds himself broke and unemployed when he arrives at his new home among the colonists of Saturn’s moons, so he takes a job as a cop. When law enforcement takes a turn for the less-than-just, Caleb refuses to sit idly back. After rescuing and escaping with several civilians, Caleb and his new comrades are now fugitives who must beg, borrow, and steal their way across Saturn’s moon colonies to survive.

Check it out here.


From my short story reading this week, I have two pieces, both free to read online.

In the first, what would happen if dozens of alien habitats suddenly sprung into existence around the world? "Touring with the Alien" gives us a glimpse into one possible future. It's an alien invasion story like you've never heard it told before.

The second one I wanted to share with you today is a war story about a nurse falling in love with a soldier. Sounds like you've heard it before, right? Except this time, one side of the war consists entirely of telepaths.

"The Game We Played During the War" is a really enjoyable read for anyone who enjoys war stories, fantasy, a dash of romance, or the game of Chess.


One last thing before you go. Sci-Fi Bridge is running another of their incredible giveaways. Signing up scores you four free ebooks and a chance to win many more.

Enter to win at scifibridge.com.

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- MG Herron

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